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Healing Shadows: Ayahuasca Research, Reducing Shame, and a New Road to Self-Compassion

A glance at the transformative journey through the realms of psychedelics and mental health with this groundbreaking studies. Ayahuasca research led by Dr. Matthew X. Lowe, Executive Director of Unlimited Sciences, unveils a narrative of profound transformation, offering insights into the therapeutic potential of psychedelics in alleviating shame and fostering self-compassion for trauma survivors.

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Colorado Nonprofit Realm of Caring Collaborating on Federal Grant for Medicinal Cannabis and CBD Research

Realm of Caring, a Colorado nonprofit dedicated to cannabis research and education, will advance its groundbreaking work into medicinal cannabis through collaborating on a research project supported by a National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant awarded to Johns Hopkins Behavioral Pharmacology Research Unit through the NIH Registry of Medical Cannabis Use and Health Outcomes funding opportunity.

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Kratom vs. Pharmaceuticals: Examining Promising New Alternatives for Chronic Pain

In this article, we will examine kratom vs. pharmaceuticals side-by-side to provide readers with evidence-backed insight into the potential benefits and drawbacks associated with each form of treatment, helping them make informed decisions about what might be best for relieving their chronic pain symptoms and restoring quality of life.

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