cannabinoid therapy


by | May 20, 2024

cannabinoid therapy
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The Future of Cannabinoid Therapy & Research

[Colorado Springs, CO, 05/13/2024] – Realm of Caring (RoC) is calling upon individuals and organizations to support cannabinoid research participation through sponsorship, aiming to advance the understanding and accessibility of cannabinoid-based therapy.

RoC is currently conducting active studies, such as the Observational Research Registry, focused on cannabinoid research, striving to offset the costs associated with participation. Recognizing the invaluable contribution of research participants, RoC’s ORR offers a small compensation of a $25 Amazon gift card for each participant’s time spent on quarterly surveys. However, limited funding constraints hinder the ability to recognize the efforts of all individuals adequately.

“At RoC, we acknowledge the importance of compensating research participants for their invaluable time and effort,” says Jan Morton, Community Outreach Coordinator. “Yet, without adequate sponsorship, many participants go unrecognized and uncompensated, impacting participant retention rates and ultimately affecting the outcome of our research.”

To address this critical need, RoC invites individuals and organizations to sponsor research participants for as little as $25 per month per participant. By sponsoring participants, contributors play a vital role in supporting ongoing research efforts and ensuring equitable recognition for all involved.

Sponsorship Options:

  • Sponsor 1 research participant: $25/month
  • Sponsor 2 research participants: $50/month
  • Sponsor 4 research participants and receive exclusive RoCn swag and a shoutout on our website: $100/month

Additionally, one-time donations are appreciated and contribute to the advancement of cannabinoid research.

The significance of cannabinoid research extends beyond therapeutic applications; it influences public health policy initiatives. Despite industry advocates’ frustrations with existing prohibitions, cannabinoid research remains a cornerstone in informing legislatures and medical professionals, driving evidence-based policy changes.

“As we navigate through this era of prohibition, cannabinoid research stands as a beacon of hope for informed policy decisions,” adds Morton. “Collaboration between scientific and political communities is paramount to bridge the gap between research and policy, facilitating advancements in public health.”

RoC urges individuals and organizations to join the cause, supporting cannabinoid research and paving the way for a future where cannabinoid-based therapy is accessible to all in need.

Contact Realm of Caring

For more information on how to sponsor research participants or contribute to RoC’s mission, please visit or contact

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