SafetyNet’s new “Enhanced Bio-Security Program” sets a new standard for remediation of pathogens such as bacteria, virus, mildew, mold and fungus in a variety of agricultural markets. Designed to safeguard environments beyond the normal approach to disinfecting, our complete suite of disinfection products and solutions are centered on providing long-term prevention results for our clients with a strong focus on the health implications. Our consultation targets all areas of potential pathogen contamination and cross-contamination providing unique solutions.

Starting with an on-site risk assessment, we will examine conditions in the client’s environment to identify potential areas of concern. We will evaluate the client’s entire environment or the specific operations the client designates and discuss our recommendations and the applicable industry standards. Our recommendations will be based on the results from our environmental assessment and offer a combination of products and services that will best meet our client’s needs. With products and services tailored to specific facility types, the focus now shifts from “What to do” to “How to do it” by prioritizing ongoing infection control maintenance.

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Every business needs the right partner who has the knowledge and expertise that will work with you to develop a program that meets your specific needs. The scope of our Enhanced Bio-Security Program includes recommendations for the type and frequency of disinfection, in addition to the areas needing to be disinfected. Our ability to provide the proper training and education for each environment for compliance and safety taking into consideration regulatory requirements is what makes our strategy a perfect solution for any business.

Our proven Enhanced Bio-Security Program was developed in collaboration with independent experts in agriculture, infectious disease, and industrial hygiene and combines evidence-based disinfection control strategies specific to each market. It is a comprehensive approach that goes beyond normal everyday disinfection practices to offer a complete treatment and prevention solution. Our Enhanced Bio-Security Program is a total solution designed to protect your investment, reduce liability, and give you peace of mind that you are providing a safe, clean, and healthy product to your customers.

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