good hygiene

Clean Hands, Clean Crop: Prioritizing Good Hygiene & Personnel Compliance in Cannabis Facilities

by | Feb 14, 2024

good hygiene
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Article contributed to Cannabis Tech by Jim Harris @ SafetyNet America

Many aspects of the cannabis industry demand an owner’s attention: Compliance, great products, great people, great location, finances…. So, is a focus on good hygiene management a priority?

Hygiene management or Personnel Compliance, as it is better known, is critical in environments where the possibility of cross-contamination exists. There needs to be a focus on cleanliness and hygiene throughout any environment to minimize the spread of germs and deadly pathogens as people enter, exit, and move around. The emphasis needs to be on high hygiene and cleanliness standards designed to keep your facilities pathogen-free and reduce the risk of cross-contamination.

For the cannabis industry, Personnel Compliance is a vital aspect of cultivating or growing cannabis, whether you are a small grow facility or a large multi-level cannabis facility. Not only is it valuable for crops, but it is necessary for the protection and safety of the personnel as they move around within a facility. By having and upholding a good hygiene protocol, you can significantly reduce the risks of losing the crop due to diseases and infestations, resulting in a healthy crop and a consistent and high-quality product.

Why Is Good Hygiene So Important

Within the Cannabis industry, there should be a considerable focus on cleanliness and hygiene across the entire supply chain, from cultivation, manufacturing, testing, distribution, delivery, retail, and everything in between.

A good hygiene protocol can greatly reduce the risks of losing your crop due to diseases and infestations, resulting in a healthy crop and a consistent, high-quality end product. The best approach is a proactive one with a goal to create the most sterile environment possible for your plants and the safest environment for your personnel. Minimizing exposure to pathogens by strict cleanliness protocols can go a long way to preventing disease.

Simple things such as lab coats, pocketless scrubs, shoe covers, and proper hand sanitizing are recommended, in addition to continuous cleaning and disinfecting of the entire facility regularly. A common misconception about hygiene is that cleaning and disinfecting are one and the same. They are two separate but equally essential steps towards eliminating bacteria and other pathogens in a cannabis cultivation facility.

good hygiene, gloved cannabis, personnel compliance

New Solutions For An Old Problem

We realize that not everyone sees Personnel Compliance the same way. As a result, some facilities have a few pieces in place but not enforced, while others have gone above and beyond to ensure everything necessary for a sterile environment.

To assist with these efforts, SafetyNet has produced a comprehensive Bio-Security Implementation Guide that outlines recommended steps that should be taken for proper Personnel Compliance that are in alignment with the widely accepted IPM principles and practices. In addition, as part of our Enhanced Biosecurity Program, SafetyNet offers a variety of products designed to help eliminate cross-contamination and the spread of pathogens.

Our mPulse long-lasting antimicrobial hand sanitizer redefines the hand hygiene market with advanced technology that extends protection for up to an unprecedented 8 hours while moisturizing your hands simultaneously. The active ingredient kills 99.99% of MRSA, Staph, VRE, E. coli, and many other bacteria and viruses on contact.

Although using our mPulse hand sanitizer product ensures pathogen-free hands when touching anything in a work environment, little thought is given to the very items we wear that also have the potential to pick up and carry pathogens in and out of an environment. Cross-contamination can occur when workers spread contaminants around the worksite and into their homes with soiled clothing, aprons, shoes, and skin contact. Contaminants can be transferred to the item’s worker’s touch, sit on, or walk on. 

Our mPower antimicrobial laundry detergent is specifically formulated as a regular-use detergent, which imparts an invisible antimicrobial shield on laundered items. This shield protects against harmful bacteria, viruses, odors, and stains associated with mold and bacteria.

It contains an EPA-registered active cationic antimicrobial, which is integrated into the formulation for long-lasting protection and is especially recommended for laundering items like smocks, hats, socks and gloves, and other items worn or used by personnel throughout a facility. The more you use it, the longer it lasts, increasing the efficacy of mPower in its fight against viruses and bacteria, odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew odors, and keeping them from returning.

Cross-contamination can occur with items we don’t think about but are a part of our everyday life. Items such as mobile devices, watches, hats, and even scarves have the potential to collect germs and viruses and be carried in and out of any environment. Without realizing it, these items are Petri dishes of germs and viruses and can unknowingly contribute to the spread of pathogens when used throughout any facility.

good hygiene, smartphone disinfect, cannabis personnel

Our complete line of UVC disinfection products can easily integrate into any environment and, when used properly, like mPulse for hand hygiene, can provide total disinfection for any device or article that may move from one place to another as people move in and out of a facility.

Good Hygiene Matters in Cannabis

To maintain a clean and safe working environment in cannabis production facilities, a properly trained staff, along with implementing proper hygiene practices, is crucial. Whether it is required or not, your commitment to safety for your facility and the people there shows that you care and are committed to high standards. Additionally, you may avoid fines, closures, and recalls. These all create a drain on your finances, as well as your reputation.

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