Mobius M9 Commercial Bud Sorter Machine

The Mobius M9 is a throughput sorter designed to enhance post-harvest processes for cannabis and hemp flowers. Accurately grading flowers based on size streamlines activities like drying, weighing, and final packaging. With an impressive 78" of total sorting distance and 9 sorting belts, the M9 stands as the fastest and most precise sorter available. Its stainless steel construction, operator safety guarding, tool-less disassembly, and easy cleaning features make it a seamless addition to post-harvest workflows in GMP-certified facilities.


  • 78” sorting zone for precise flower sizing
  • 9 sorting belts for industry-leading grading speed
  • 5 customizable sorting sizes: from fines – 2.75″ flowers
  • Fast, tool-free removal of all belts and rollers for easy cleaning
  • 7” HMI color controller
  • GMP-ready with stainless steel construction
  • Configurable infeed hopper for manual or conveyor feeding
  • Reversible operation for left or right outfeed configurations
  • Safety interlocks automatically stop operation if guarding is removed
  • LED indicator lights denote machine status
Sold By: Eteros Technologies