Mobius M108S Wet & Dry Bud Trimming Machine

Designed for cannabis and hemp cultivators who prioritize both high-quality trimmed cannabis and efficient production, the M108S is revolutionizing trim rooms worldwide. This machine can be easily disassembled by hand, without the need for any tools other than our convenient Spring Jack. It is effortless to clean and seamlessly integrates into GMP-certified facilities. Regardless of whether you are trimming wet or dry, cannabis or hemp, the M108S is a valuable addition and a powerful trimming solution for modern harvesting workflows.

Key Features:

  • Tumbler provides 50% more access to cutting blades compared to other trimmers.
  • Dent-proof and rust-proof tumbler trims both wet and dry plants.
  • Equipped with three case-hardened blades, offering a total cut length of 108 inches.
  • All-in-one design with a fully integrated trim separator and vacuum.
  • User-controllable settings for tumbler speed, blade speed, vacuum power, and tilt.
  • Tandem operation allows for more than double the output when running two units together.
  • Easy to clean and ready for GMP compliance.
Sold By: Eteros Technologies