Say Hi! To Beuhi​™

Beuhi™ is revolutionizing the way botanical-infused gummies, chocolates, and hard candies are created through its first-of-its-kind IoT candy-making and infusing system that is designed for at-home use. Our cutting-edge technology, currently pending a patent, combines a user-friendly countertop appliance with a convenient monthly subscription service.

The subscription includes pre-filled, exclusive candy ingredient canisters, tailored specifically for use with Beuhi. To enhance the overall experience, users can seamlessly control the entire process through a dedicated mobile app, which also serves as a gateway to connect with fellow users and explore our vast digital realm.

Beuhi™ – Candy Making & Infusion System

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Solves Systemic Issues within the Infused Edible Market:

  • Inconsistent dispersion
  • Lack of transparency in the ingredients
  • Lack of trust in products
  • Infused with cheap or unreliable botanicals
  • Unpleasant aftertaste and texture

Empowers the Consumer

  • The consumer chooses from all-natural ingredients that match their lifestyle (vegan, kosher)
  • Exceptional taste and texture
  • consumers can seamlessly infuse with their own choice of botanicals
  • Beuhi™  produced candies are higher quality and often less expensive for the consumer
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