Rssetta Stoned

Cannabis Operator FLUENT Launches Rosetta Stoned to Help Adults Learn Stoner Lingo

by | Apr 1, 2024

Rssetta Stoned
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New Mobile Application Solves a Chronic Problem for Budding Cannabis Consumers

TAMPA, Fla., Mar. 29, 2024 – FLUENT, a vertically-integrated medical marijuana company with dispensaries in Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas, today announced the launch of Rosetta Stoned, a first-of-its-kind mobile application for budding cannabis consumers. Available for iOS and Android beginning April 1, Rosetta Stoned bridges the conversational gap between novice users and seasoned stoners in any social setting. 

Rosetta Stoned

“Rosetta Stoned is going to change how adults discuss cannabis,” said David Letro, Director of Marketing at FLUENT. “There’s nothing more intimidating than walking into a dispensary or consumption event when you don’t speak the language. Is dank the right term? Should we smoke or toke? And what exactly is a terp? Developing Rosetta Stoned has been a joint effort across our community, with the ultimate goal to educate and empower people to get fluent in cannabis.”

Rosetta Stoned Scaffold Approach

Rosetta Stoned takes a scaffolded approach so that as the sessions progress, the vocabulary and phrases increase in complexity. Users begin by learning common words, such as “concentrates” or “topicals,” then move gradually through more nuanced legacy language. This science-backed approach to adult learning allows even the greenest of newcomers to easily familiarize themselves with 420 different lessons, and over 710 insider phrases and terms.

Now, Rosetta Stoned users can leverage their lexicon quickly and confidently thanks to an integrated AI assistant trained to gently correct inaccurate pronunciation and other potential gaffes in real time as adults practice. Examples include:


  • Talk Terpenes Like a Pro
  • How to Join a Blunt Rotation
  • Why THC Percentages Don’t Indicate Quality
  • Ask the Right Questions at Your First Dispensary Visit


  • “How much is in this edible?”
  • “Is that first or second press?”
  • “Don’t overheat the banger, I like to taste my dabs.”
  • “Who’s trying to match? I’m about to hit up the plug.”

Stoner Terms

  • Exotic, Chronic, Dank, Gas, Zaza
  • Bunk, Mids, Schwag, Boof, Reggie
  • Shatter, Dabs, Wax, Hash, Rosin
  • Dope, Herb, Bud, Ganja, Jazz Cabbage
Rosetta Stoned

“This app is a must-have for anyone looking to get in the weeds and learn about every aspect of the plant,” said Mary J. Greene, a Florida-based medical marijuana patient and one of Rosetta Stoned’s first pilot users. “Cannabis slang has evolved so much since the 70s, 80s, even the 2000s. To be blunt, it’s high time for cannabis vernacular to receive the respect and validation it deserves.” 

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