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Apps have changed the way we function - even how we find, buy, grow, and consume cannabis.
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In a time of technology and an app-happy world, the cannabis world is not stalling on its progression – as it appears that with the rise in the number of cloud technologies, the niche is stealthily taking over the networking world. How is it happening, and why now? This is due to the recent favorable regulations in the industry, spurring the interests of investors and developers in the now almost-sturdy industry. It is almost no surprise that even as there are already applications dedicated to most cannabis' sectors, there are now dating-like apps for cannabis-friendly persons – OJ kush meets Mary Jane.  

So in a world of digital networking and easy resource access by the internet, having the right applications as a start-up or already established business will be just the thing to bring that extra surge it needs. Now, what top mobile applications stood out in 2020? In no particular order, we have:


A real OG of the cannabis industry – this platform is one of the first to offer reliable information on where to get cannabis goods, locate trusty delivery services, and other cannabis-related data.

Since its creation in 2008, Weedmaps™ has functioned as an all-round guide to the cannabis community. Its features include: providing information on the industry and help in locating dispensaries, connecting fellow cannabis-lovers on a platform where they can exchange ideas, share and verify the authenticity and efficiency of products, thereby saving cost and time.

Through Weedmaps™, customers can also browse through live menus displaying price tags and laboratory data on products, and just as should be, this app is subject to frequent updates and bug fixes to enhance its quality of service. 


The world's best cannabis encyclopedia: this app is notable for providing its users a platform to research and discover the most-suitable cannabis type. 

By analyzing its patrons' reviews on several cannabis products via its strain explorer, Leafly also helps locate the nearest legal cannabis distributor to make purchases for medical and personal needs. The application also provides a match desired mood to the most compatible cannabis strain function, plus real-time updates on best cannabis-related deals. 

Users can – via the platform – locate legal doctors, clinics, retail cannabis stores, and best cannabis delivery services within and outside their vicinity, for themselves, family, and friends, plus pay online via Google payments. 


This medicinal cannabis delivery app, launched in 2014, is designed to link its adult users (21+) to legally registered dispensaries within their vicinity. 

Nicknamed “the Uber of Weed,” Eaze does not grow or sell cannabis itself but performs solely as a third-party. It provides delivery services with real-time tracking of orders and ETD (estimated time of delivery) provisions, where permitted and in strict compliance with governing regulations.

The app also helps registered users get recommendations for best-suited products from certified doctors, obtain content, and the latest updates on cannabis. Online purchases and payment features are also made available on Eaze™ via Google payments and other e-wallets – and here is the top-notch move they played: Eaze™ allows its users to refer friends – an easy, smart expansion plan. With the recommended and provided medical practitioner's help, patrons can obtain their medicinal marijuana card – all from home!


As an application designed particularly for individuals going for the medical cannabis approach, it offers personalized recommendations from over 750 strains and intake methodologies to protect its user from misuse and the dangers that come with it. This unique feature operates via an AI-powered, cannabinoid-based algorithm that relates and analyzes inputted symptoms, the latest peer-reviewed research, and HIPAA-compliant data to suggest the most suitable and easily-accessible strain. 

“While others are looking to make marijuana stronger, PotBotics is looking to make it smarter©” – Newsweek™.

Like most of its kind, it also helps save time and money by reducing the hurdle of research and eliminating the need to purchase and experience diverse strains in the drive to locate the perfect one. 

However, unlike most applications – even outside the cannabis realm, PotBot™ tailors its updates and bug fixes primarily to users' reviews.


More efficiently used on tablets, GrowBuddy is a revolutionary app that helps its users, most often commercial-scale growers, manage their grow, optimize yield, and boost efficiency. These advantageous functions are made possible with a simple operating algorithm that empowers cultivators with historical data to make informed decisions, allows them to record relevant data, and helps perform data analysis for a better output, via any device and from anywhere. It also has an online community where users freely ask questions and share information from and with other growers. 


A must-have for all cannabis growers, whether professionally or privately, Trym Grow App enables farmers to monitor and track their plants' growth, as well as manage their work team, in real-time through their smartphones.  The software application billed as the first cannabis farm management software built from the ground up for commercial growers, operates as a cultivation management system that logs and sums up data by linking all plant, environmental, and task data for full visibility. In tandem with environmental control systems like Argus and Trolmaster, Trym monitors and links sensor data from its integrations and then uses it with other collected data in its operations.

The application also allows seed-to-sale tracking, an automated connection with Metrc -(Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance), a compliance software used in a couple of states in the U.S., as well as other compliance software for regions not using Metrc.


While you might not immediately think “cannabis” when you hear LinkedIn, of all social media, this platform seems to be the most cannabis-friendly. With many enterprises – within and outside the cannabis niche -expanding their horizons using digital networking, more platforms for such purposes – granting exposure – are under development. One of the very cannabis-friendly ones is LinkedIn

Unlike some of its counterparts – Facebook and YouTube, LinkedIn is less restrictive on cannabis-related content. And like most B2B platforms, it allows its users to link to other networks and learn about rising trends via its many groups relevant to the cannabis niche. 

Finally, with many applications on the explosive outflow, what makes a platform stand out amongst its competitions? Is it personalization? Function diversification? Efficient operations? There is a dense jungle of ideas out there. So if looking to get a cannabis application developed, make a blueprint of something unique.  

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