Pesticide, cannabis contamination, animation

Addressing the Pesticide Problem: Focus 1st on Biosecurity

by | Jul 31, 2023

Pesticide, cannabis contamination, animation

Written by Kristina Etter

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As the marijuana industry grows with each new wave of legalization, pesticide, and microbial contamination concerns are getting the spotlight. Recalls, investigations, and lawsuits have highlighted the presence of pesticides, herbicides, and other bio-contaminants in cannabis products, raising doubts about the effectiveness of regulations.

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Curbing Pesticide Use with Biosecurity

This short video emphasizes the importance of a strong biosecurity program in cannabis cultivation to address the pesticide problem and ensure consumer safety. To tackle this issue, cultivators are encouraged to adopt comprehensive biosecurity practices encompassing cleaning, disinfection, and decontaminating.

“Unfortunately, when the cannabis legalization wave started, many naively believed legal weed meant clean weed. With legalization, ‘pesticide’ may be the most controversial buzzword throughout cannabis.”

Cleaning is crucial in preventing the spread of pests and diseases. Regularly cleaning all surfaces, tools, equipment, and air filtration systems helps maintain a healthy cultivation environment. Disinfection involves using approved solutions to eliminate harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Choosing effective disinfectants specific to the pests and diseases at hand is vital. Decontamination removes contaminants like dust and dirt that can harbor pests and diseases. A thorough cleaning followed by disinfection ensures a pest-free environment.

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A strong biosecurity program can reduce or even eliminate the need for pesticides. By preventing the spread of pests and diseases, cultivators create a healthier environment for their plants, enhancing their resistance to external stressors. This proactive approach not only benefits the cultivation process but also contributes to the long-term health and well-being of staff and consumers.

“Cannabis cultivation can be a tricky business, and growers often resort to using pesticides to combat pests and diseases. However, the use of pesticides can have negative effects on both the environment and the consumer, and can even be illegal in some areas. Unfortunately, far too often, growers prioritize yield over consumer safety.”

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SafetyNet America offers comprehensive biosecurity programs and consulting services to support cultivators in implementing effective biosecurity practices. Their expertise includes facility remediation and enhanced plant irrigation concepts. By adopting a holistic approach to biosecurity, growers can reduce issues, improve product quality, and provide consumers with safe and reliable cannabis products.

Cultivators interested in biosecurity implementation can contact SafetyNet ( to receive a free biosecurity implementation guide.

With a strong focus on biosecurity, the marijuana industry can overcome the pesticide problem and ensure the production of clean and safe cannabis products for consumers.

“The best way to address these issues is to be proactive rather than reactive and to implement a strong biosecurity program that includes regular cleaning, disinfection, and protection. By following these practices, cultivators can prevent the spread of pests and diseases and create a healthy and sustainable environment for their plants.”

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