Portable Cannabis Testing Shines Light On Murky Practices

by | Dec 20, 2019

Detroiter Karhlyle Fletcher is the host of High Lit, a cannabis research and classic literature podcast featuring leading voices and independent music. In addition to years in written and video cannabis journalism, he is also a traditional author.

Some labels allow for up to 15% of leeway. Up to 80% of cannabis product labels are inaccurate when tested by a third party. GemmaCert, an Israeli company, offers a solution only slightly larger than an Amazon Alexa unit, which can comfortably fit in any business, production facility, or home.

Consistent Cannabis Testing is the Vehicle for Accurate Medicinal Use

Research done on cannabinoids does not benefit the cannabis market if products are not labeled correctly. If producers are buying Certificates of Analysis (CoAs) from inconsistent testing facilities, then the product is useless medicinally. Retailers should have concrete results before they recommend a cannabis product as a treatment for any ailment.

While the importance of testing in the cannabis industry is paramount, current medical systems are imperfect. Most cannabis on the market is sold untested and with unreliable labels. Testing can be expensive and cumbersome to go through. It can also destroy the product. GemmaCert offers the ability to have technology onsite, which preserves all samples tested and takes minutes to get sharable results.

This analysis includes the composition and potency of the flower, displaying THC and CBD levels. Through pairing the GemmaCert with a smartphone through the GemmaCert App, those at a dispensary can share the test results with customers. The GemmaCert App is how owners of the GemmaCert operate the machine. The UI of the app is quickly readable, and the utility is obvious.  

GemmaCert’s patented solution uses near-infrared spectroscopy to analyze the chemical analysis of a flower. The system works within minutes as a cloud-based AI processes the flower in real-time. Through combining spectroscopy, image analysis, and motion mechanics, GemmaCert reports accurate testing information onsite. The largest database of cannabis flower spectra in the world, which GemmaCert started in 2015 at its ISO 17025 certified laboratory, powers this technology. 

How To Use the GemmaCert

Good news, there’s no preparation necessary to test product through GemmaCert. Those using the machine place a sample in a cylinder, then push that cylinder into the machine. Once inside, the unit processes samples through the AI-driven analysis, which requires no chemicals, disposables, residuals, or destruction of the product. 

Who Should Be Using the GemmaCert

The actionable test results supplied by GemmaCert allow cultivators to understand their flower during growth. Whether these cultivators are commercial or home growers, they can make use of the analysis. 

Industrial hemp growers could save entire harvests after realizing their hemp was growing too hot through the use of the GemmaCert. It allows real-time analysis of crops, so it can detect a rise in THC content before reaching the federally permitted 0.3%. Law enforcement can also use this same technology to differentiate between cannabis and hemp, which would allow them to enforce laws states have struggled to integrate since the legalization of hemp.

Artisan cultivators can use GemmaCert for the opposite. Through having testing available throughout the growth cycle, cultivators can use the analysis to maximize THC content and otherwise refine their crop’s development. This technology allows cultivators of both hemp and cannabis to optimize grow cycles times through realizing when their flowers where they want them. 

The GemmaCert testing solution saves cultivators and dispensaries capital not only on postage but also on expensive results from testing facilities. Besides, farmers don’t have to rely on testing still developing flowers outside of their facility. The availability of testing results onsite empowers cultivators to achieve the potency they desire. 

Conscious consumers who want to ensure the accuracy of the labeling on products they’ve purchased can also make use of GemmaCert. While Guy Setton, CEO of GemmaCert, would like this to be unnecessary, he believes it’s an intelligent decision for consumers to make. Other industries regularly test products through trustworthy third-parties. Cannabis does not enjoy such a firm standard. 

GemmaCert is Ready to Spread and Educate

Ending 2019 by coming to MJBizCon, GemmaCert spread the word about its innovation and non-destructive solution to an audience of businesses eager to ensure quality control. As hemp and cannabis boom, the competition will demand reliable test results. GemmaCert offers a solution with immediate results from a unit that is transportable by bike. 

The company has already sold hundreds of units, which are now active in markets including Europe, Africa, The Americas, Israel, Australia, and New Zealand. Cannabis testing could be worth as much as $2 billion by 2025. GemmaCert will likely become a familiar name in that field.