Author: Karhlyle Fletcher

Unraveling Cannabis Labeling: Chemical Composition 10x More Important Than Strain

Discover the significance of chemical composition in cannabis labeling and its impact on consumer choices. Explore how terpenes redefine cultivars, paving the way for informed decisions in an evolving industry. Learn about the potential improvements in cannabis labeling and the importance of consumer education for better transparency.

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Hemp Biodiesel: An Old Solution to a New Problem

Explore the unexplored potential of hemp biodiesel as an alternative fuel source, and its ability to offer a sustainable solution without jeopardizing food resources. Delve into the advancements and challenges in the field of hemp-based biofuels, and uncover how hemp biodiesel not only provides a renewable fuel option but also enriches soil, enhances food security, and fosters cleaner electronic technologies for a greener future.

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