How DetectaChem can Help Differentiate Between Cannabis and Hemp

by | Nov 6, 2019

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In Pennsylvania, one is allowed to purchase flower, but it’s illegal to smoke it. Hemp, however, is legal on a federal level, and several states, including Michigan, have seen the first of their legal hemp harvests this year. 

Conflicting Laws and the Differing Status of Hemp and Cannabis 

American hemp is different from long-stalk, European hemp as American hemp is essentially traditional cannabis which has been bred to have THC content lower than .3% This was done to create a federally legal product, as THC is a federally controlled substance. With the coexistence of the hemp industry alongside the cannabis industry producers, legislators, and law enforcement need an easy way to differentiate between the two different crops.  

DetectaChem is a privately held company which recently announced the launch of their CBD/THC Differentiation field test kit. This kit consists of a small, handheld pouch that can be used on its own, or with the free MobileDetect smartphone App for automated detection using DetectaChem’s advanced algorithms and colorimetric technology to provide industry-leading presumptive testing results. The CBD/THC Differentiation Test Pouch can be used to detect THC and CBD content in all cannabis products, whether that’s medical or recreation cannabis or hemp. It can also test edibles, vape pens, hash oils, and more. 

This tool would radically save time for law enforcement, which has legal hemp, but where cannabis is still illegal because they would be able to test what substance it is on the spot. Instead of having to go to a lab or rely on other analysis, law enforcement could use DetectaChem's pouch and MobileDetect app to test cannabis and hemp samples on the spot. 

By allowing law enforcement this flexibility, the costs of testing products could significantly decrease and enable law enforcement to be fairer to those who are found in possession of cannabis or hemp. Instead of having to guess or wait to see what a crop is law enforcement could nearly immediately tell what the substance is and act accordingly. This would lead to a reduction in time and financial requirements. 

In addition to this, the testing could greatly benefit cultivators who are trying to make sure that their hemp doesn’t grow ‘hot.’ By regularly testing their crops farmers can ensure that they are obeying federal law and can sell their product into the hemp market. Tools such as this would help the industry become a stable and consistent way for hemp farmers to make a living. Without testing, growing hemp in states where cannabis is legal can only be a gamble. 

The fruit of years of labor, DetetctaChem’s CBD/THC Differentiation field test kit has been specifically engineered and developed with input and feedback from law enforcement agencies across the country. They have tested it on hundreds of both CBD and THC products. This product is easy to use, mobile, and an excellent tool for anyone who works around the gray line between hemp and cannabis. 

All the users of the test kit will have to do is provide a sample, use the swab integrated with the test pouch to collect a trace or bulk sample, reinsert the swab, press on the pouch to release the testing agents and view the results.  When used with the smartphone app, the user can take a picture of the QR code on the pouch, instantly producing a detection result that can be emailed or texted directly from the app. 

THC detection technology


What DetectaChem and Testing Offers for the Larger and Legal Market

Based out of Texas, DetectaChem is directly aware of the difficulties of differentiating between cannabis and hemp. Texas legalized hemp earlier this year and has had trouble with pursuing cannabis charges because of that. Companies such as DetectaChem offer law enforcement and the states such as Texas the first device in the industry, which can portably and conveniently test whether a product is above the federally permissible .3% THC content.

“At DetectaChem, we pride ourselves on delivering powerful and reliable products that help federal, state, and local authorities make the world a safer place,” said Travis Kisner, Chief Operating Officer of DetectaChem. “Today, we are continuing that mission by delivering a powerful new tool that enables the law enforcement community to cut through the legal quagmire of multi-state trafficking, grow farm regulations and usage of CBD and THC products.” 

This will allow for states and countries to enforce the laws that they have decided to put in place by providing easy and accurate testing. Where law enforcement was once unsure of what to do with samples they found in the field; now, they have an easy option for testing said samples. 

The CBD/THC Differentiation Test Pouch Product Page on DetectaChem’s website offers more information and the ability to purchase this product. The free MobileDetect App is available on Apple and Android app stores.