cannabis testing

New Cannabis Testing Solutions Ease Burden

by | May 1, 2020

cannabis testing
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After the vaping crisis already rocked the cannabis industry in 2019, everyone feels a bit prepared for COVID-19. The vaping crisis emphasized responsible hygiene, sourcing, and reliable testing. Now, armed with emerging and traditional science, testing companies work to combat the pandemic, and to secure the business of thousands of farmers. 

Cannabis Testing Supply Chain Issues are a Minor Threat

Although testing is expected to enjoy a 15.7 percent compound annual growth rate, it’s being strained throughout this crisis. While dozens of states throughout America, and countries throughout the world, voice the demand for personal protective equipment, cannabis testing facilities’ supplies diminish. Most labs have already stocked up on PPE well before the crisis, however, so operations continue as usual. Several labs are even reporting an increase in business

An Easier Way to Test and Save

During a time when demand is up, it’s a smart move to keep as much in-house as you can. GemmaCert is a company that offers a portable cannabis testing device that does not alter samples but delivers test results within minutes. Their technology works with spectrometry, image analysis, and machine learning to provide accurate information about the cannabinoid content in cannabis samples. 

While more substantial testing, such as heavy metals, or pesticides, must be done in a lab, the GemmaCert offers a convenient solution for cannabis centers to carry in-store. The GemmaCert pairs with smartphones and allows for customers to verify the information themselves. Due to this, the GemmaCert saves centers weeks of times that they’d have to spend waiting for lab results, and saves labs from having to deal with simple requests, such as for THC content. 

cannabis testing

Police Finally Catching Up with Cannabis Plants

Since the Farm Bill passed, law enforcement throughout the United States of America struggled to differentiate between hemp and medical cannabis. Previously, law enforcement relied on dogs, and if the dogs smelled marijuana in a truck, the police impounded the vehicle. While this worked when cannabis was illegal, with the legalization of hemp dogs proved inefficient. Police Chief John Herring, CEO of North Carolina’s HempLab, has over 25 years of experience in law enforcement. As a Co-Founder, he helped start HempLab to bring CompleTest into regular use. 

CompleTest is a portable cannabis testing device with accurate and repeatable results. Its spectroscopy-based technology allows it to identify organic and inorganic compounds within cannabis. After minutes, CompleTest delivers reliable results. 

Hopefully, HempLab will be able to convince the States to rely on such technology. Every month superior methods become available for the government to implement in the field, and as the government refuses to use them, more and more farmers suffer. Luckily, HempLab’s position as a distributor for Alberta-based FluroTech’s CompleTest bodes well for the transition over to fair testing. The innovation has already occurred, now it’s time for governmental adoption of modern cannabis testing methods. 

With Chief Herring behind the wheel, HempLab stands to gain massive ground with law enforcement. The normalization of testing is as necessary as it is useful, and hopefully, it will be entirely effective if progress comes from one of their own. Otherwise, there exist other cannabis testing options for law enforcement to deploy, but hopefully, they’ll figure it out within the year. Hemp farmers struggling to deal with COVID-19 don’t need to deal with additional seizures. 

Staying Involved Throughout the Great Pause

During the time where the outside is offline, the industry needs to find alternative ways to stick together. Companies like Orange Photonics lead the charge with their upcoming May 1st webinar covering concentrate analysis. Such events will carry our industry through such a time of separation and isolation. Although we might not be able to hold events, we can still communicate. 

Always rely on tested cannabis no matter how you medicate throughout this crisis. While cannabis has not been linked to the spread of the disease, everyone must always rely on clean, reliable samples from trusted sources only. Don’t relax your standards in a time of crisis. Legal cannabis is essential, so there’s no reason to return to antiquated, black marketing dealings.