herbonomics podcast

Herbonomics: New Video Podcast for 2022 to Highlight How Hemp Can Energize American Manufacturing

by | Jan 21, 2022

herbonomics podcast

Written by Kristina Etter

A freelance writer and journalist based in Colorado, Kristi is a seasoned pro in cannabis industry content creation and reporting. Her career includes two decades of corporate IT roles at major firms like Maytag Appliances, Wells Fargo Financial, and DuPont Pioneer, which provided her with a unique perspective on the intersection of technology and cannabis.

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Like many of us working in the cannabis and hemp industries, Tony Solano found his passion for the plant while caring for a loved one. That passion often leads us down new paths and helps us discover opportunities. Recognizing the immense value in plant-based plastics and materials, Solano struck out on a new mission to uncover the secrets of hemp production and reinvigorate American manufacturing – launching iHemp Manufacturing.

From Smoking Accessories to Sporting Goods

Originally from Colorado, Solano went back to his roots partnering with an injection molding company in Colorado Springs. Then after several years of research and development, tooling, and re-tooling molds, iHemp experimented with a wide variety of products such as smoking tips, two-piece grinders, and other smoking accessories.

But Solano wanted to do more. He wanted a product he could share with anyone, including his own daughter, and one that would encourage positive lifestyle enrichment. With Ultimate Frisbee on the verge of becoming an Olympic sport and disc golf growing wildly – he began experimenting with hemp-based frisbees and flying discs. Beyond the plastics, Solano also saw the opportunity for using hemp to make exquisite golf putters, guitar stands, and more out of hemp wood.

Herbonomics – An Exploration of Hemp Manufacturing

Today, Cannabis Tech is pleased to announce a new monthly video podcast called Herbonomics, with hosts, Kristina Etter and Tony Solano. In this new podcast we’ll discuss the 4-Ps of hemp production:

  • People – the people forging forward in the quest for more eco-friendly resources for everyday products – rejuvenating American manufacturing with more sustainable materials and resources.
  • Processes – what are the processes and equipment involved in processing hemp into useable material for manufacturing
  • Products – a glance at the various products currently being made with hemp fiber
  • Places – we’ll also discuss the events, conferences, and functions happening in hemp manufacturing.

Join Us Every Month for a New Episode!

We are thrilled to present this podcast on the third Friday of each month throughout 2022. Join us here on Cannabis Tech to welcome a new guest each month.

Next month we’ll be welcoming Beau Whitney of Whitney Economics and the Chief Economist at the National Cannabis Industry Association for discussion regarding the economics of hemp production and manufacturing.

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