Ed Rosenthal’s Secret – Growing Cannabis is Addictive!

by | Jul 5, 2021

Written by Amanda Stern

Amanda Stern got her start in the Colorado cannabis industry and transitioned to New Mexico in 2021. She has a passion for natural, plant-based alternatives, herbs, and psychedelics.

When asked about true cannabis pioneers, political agitators, and grandfathers of the industry, one name comes to mind, Ed Rosenthal. His newly published Cannabis Growers Handbook is the product of a wonderful collaboration of Ph.D.’s, Industry Leaders, and experience gained from over half a century of innovation.

Ed Rosenthal is the leading cannabis horticulture authority. An educator and author, innovator, cannabis activist and advocate, and legalization pioneer, Rosenthal co-founded High Times, and his book “Ed Rosenthal’s Marijuana Grower’s Handbook” is the official course book of Oaksterdam University.

Mr. Ed Rosenthal: A very personal 50-year battle in cannabis

Despite the personal risk, Rosenthal has never had a problem pushing the envelope for a wider public and legal acceptance of marijuana. Over the years, he has strived for an improved public perception of the plant, authoring many books educating growers of all skill levels, pushing for legal and social change, suffering arrest, and educating for social responsibility in cannabis.

Why rewrite a classic?

Simply put, “You wouldn’t use a ten-year-old computer book to fix a problem with your computer today.” The knowledge behind cannabis, the technology, everything we have learned to improve our skills in growing a quality cannabis plant has changed drastically. The information had to be updated to reflect what we now know and just as valuable for the hobbyist as it is to the commercial farmer with acres of plants to tend.

Ask Ed

The revered column may be on hiatus, but the everchanging information around cultivating quality THC is more sought after than ever. Rosenthal is still at the forefront, enthusiastic that familiarity with the plant and its potential is making gains, as cannabis use is more broadly accepted, particularly with medical usage helping to erase the taboo.

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Ed Rosenthal & His Warning Label

Whether or not you personally consume cannabis products, growing plants is addictive and bred into us from more primitive times. The admiration for watching a cannabis plant grow can go unparalleled. Their sacred femininity and humanistic life cycle draw us in as we tend to their needs, nurture their growth, and joyfully harvest her ripened fruit.

Ed takes great care in expressing his understanding of our human bond to cultivating life. Cannabis just happens to be full of possibilities that we are just now beginning to explore. That exploration cannot take place without the care of growers worldwide, all of whom have directly or indirectly benefited from the lifework of Rosenthal.

Cannabis 2.0

Science often moves forward quietly, making advancements most of us never hear about; the science behind cannabis has had a different trajectory. Picking up steam in recent years, hindered only by political leaders debating legalities, dragging out processes, and fighting amongst themselves, making research difficult and virtually impossible for a long time.

Only recently has it begun to appear as if cannabis is ready to break through the red tape, become legal for all, thus available for much more comprehensive research and production. Rosenthal has been here through it all, advocating and educating the world, leading us into a new age of cannabis, once again.

Watch the podcast to hear Ed’s thoughts on the advancements in cannabis over the years, the potential for biosynthesized cannabinoids, and find out where you can get a copy of his new book Cannabis Growers Handbook.