Introducing CONCENTRATION 2019 Exciting New Extraction Trade Show

by | Apr 18, 2019

Written by Tiffaney Conner

The opportunity to preserve the past, while engaging in the evolving future of cannabis concentration and extraction is a reality at Concentration Expo in California this upcoming May 30-31, 2019 in Pala, California. CONCENTRATION 2019 is a two-day a ground-breaking conference and exhibition dedicated to the cannabis concentration extraction and integral analytical testing industries. Every aspect in the future of the cannabis industry is happening rapidly and concentrates are no exception.

In this interview Jason Lupoi, Ph.D., Editor in Chief at Terpenes and Testing Magazine reminds that reports predict by 2022, cannabis concentrates will be an 8.5 billion dollar industry. CONCENTRATION 2019 provides an extraordinary opportunity for leading extraction cannabis professionals to focus on advancing concentrate content with the opportunity to gather, collaborate and network together at a historic venue in time.

CONCENTRATION 2019: Where Tradition Meets Future

In the past, Native Americans tribes gathered at the beautiful PALA CASINO SPA & RESORT from various regions to collaborate, commiserate and strategize. So, as the budding cannabis industry continues to move at an extremely rapid pace, the traditions and knowledge once used are again helping to launch new ideas into the future of concentrates.

This feeling of excitement is starting to bring balance back into the industry that has been seen inaccurately for more decades. Education, research, development, and science are really at the forefront of the future of cannabis in every aspect of the industry. Learning from the past is intelligent and drawing inspiration and knowledge from generations before us is merely wise.

Now, more than ever, cannabis extractors need to focus on the quality of the products they create. There has been a push for consistency and standards within the industry. Cannabis extractors need to understand how their unique formulations will affect end users through testing. They also need to be able to interpret and share the data from their testing lab and recognize when changes are required.

CONCENTRATION 2019 is a breakthrough event assembling the entire specialty cannabis extraction and analytical science spectrum in one dynamic, connected space focused on providing real solutions with proven success.

Inspiration Leads to Innovation

CONCENTRATION 2019 is the result of a collaborative venture between MACE Media and Terpenes and Testing Magazine. Jason S. Lupoi, Ph.D., Editor in Chief of Terpenes and Testing magazine recently attended a conference of the ACS, the American Chemical Society conference. Inspired by the interest and progression of the cannabis industry specifically from a scientific viewpoint, Lupoi wanted to create a convention of similar depth.

CONCENTRATION 2019 gives attendees a chance to tackle questions and challenges together at the conference, on the show floor, in discussion groups and through getting to know colleagues at the after party. This two-day event will showcase new cannabis frontiers in concentrates and highlights leaders focused on science, research, and development.

Dr. Jason Lupoi and President, Adam Headley are working day and night to put together the most impressive speaking agenda ever seen in the cannabis science segment. Frenchy Cannoli is one keynote speaker who brings an interesting balance to the conference regarding remarkable knowledge of ancient cannabis methodologies.

Dr. John McKay, Founder of Synergistic Technologies Associates and part of the Waters Corporation, also brings an extensive background where he focused on Inorganic Chemistry and on the synthesis of cancer-fighting compounds. In all, more than 100 companies have been hand-selected to exhibit at CONCENTRATION, with all products, services, and methods fully vetted to ensure success, reliability, and relevance.

Concentration 2019 conference is predominantly dedicated to higher education content of cannabis extraction. With many companies focused on contaminant-free cannabis extraction, many laws and methodologies still need to be discussed determined and put in place. This gathering of cannabis professionals offers the chance to be part of history as many are still attempting to recreate the wheel.

Lab Analytics is also essential with cannabis testing and is ubiquitous across the board. Preserving the past is critical to understanding and progressing in the future. Cannabis concentrates are only increasingly becoming more popular and understood worldwide. Concentration 2019 will be a remarkable event that will change the future of how concentrates are studied, discussed and utilized.

Concentrate conference 2019 is dedicated to the passion and the new scientific cannabis frontiers of tomorrow. Combining the history and cultural gifts from the past with the brilliant innovative ideas of tomorrow, the world of cannabis technology is proliferating. Concentration 2019 conference is an opportunity to make groundbreaking history with Innovative pioneers in the Cannabis industry. Cannabis Tech readers are eligible for a discount by using DABS for 50% off.