Cannabistry Labs: R&D for Cannabis IP

by | May 6, 2019

Written by Keilah Keiser

Bringing a product to market is no easy feat, especially when it comes to the highly regulated industry of cannabis. Navigating the in-flux nature of cannabis requires the patience for adaptation, an understanding of changing state laws and an exceptional product that can stand out in a sea of competitors. To this, Cannabistry Labs is at the forefront of the industry.

Built on the cornerstone research and development, Chicago-based, Cannabistry Labs runs a pilot lab in Denver that’s home to approximately 15 scientists and engineers. Their focus starts by developing proprietary product technology and exploring new ways of applying research, then by creating formulas and consumer-facing products that are demonstrably better in the marketplace, these products are wrapped in a brand that conveys value, emotion, and equity with the consumer.

Innovative Cannabis Products that Go Beyond R&D

While they’re known for their world-class R&D, Cannabistry Labs goes beyond a research facility. It also produces high-quality cannabis products and branding. Their continual R&D expands across innovative delivery mechanisms in various product categories including a tincture line already in the market, a vape pen line set to launch in August, and a deep pipeline of innovation preparing for commercialization in the next few years.

In addition to tangible consumer products, a core value to their business model is providing the intellectual property of product development that is then exclusively provided to one state manufacturer. In partnership with California, Colorado and (soon to be) Washington, their partners are vertically integrated and have the capability of producing the superior brands that Cannabistry Labs develops — all based on the IP provided to them.

Their value goes beyond solely providing this superior product innovation. They’re also experts in branding and marketing cannabis brands that have been vetted according to state-specific regulatory compliance and packaging.

The Process Behind Quality Products

When it comes to cannabis extractions, the C02 method is well-understood. Yet, Cannabistry Labs takes a unique approach to this science. Their proprietary and trademarked C02 extraction process, called HiPhi™, focuses on preserving the nature-identical integrity of the cannabis plant.

HiPhi™ will preserve cannabinoids of the plant and components used to develop oil — oil that is extra virgin, uncut and tastes incredibly close to the flower. Not only is this favorable for consumers interested in a high-quality full-terpene effect, but it empowers the effectiveness of the plant for medicinal, recreational and health and wellness purposes.

As more states begin to draw tighter regulations around quality cannabis products, their focus on nature-identical extracts is already at the forefront of the game.

What’s On the Horizon for Cannabistry Labs?

There’s no doubt it’s an exciting time to be a part of the cannabis industry, especially for Cannabistry Labs. Julie spoke on the innovation and deep pipeline of products that are already coming through the R&D channels — Cannabistry Labs is not just a one-product company.

Their business model is set up to continue optimizing their role in states where they hold an exclusive partnership. In an era of legalization, they’re also expanding their footprint by introducing products to new states as the legal framework changes.

By doing so, their goal is to turn proprietary technology and products into national brands, not something you can only find in California or Colorado. Moreover, they have the reach to do so. By working with vertically integrated state manufacturers while supporting the brands at a national level, they’ll be able to bring brands that are dynamic and differentiated to consumers nationwide.

Of course, this industry doesn’t come without its challenges. Cannabistry Labs has learned to become incredibly adaptable and keep up with the ever-changing landscape of state-by-state regulations. The marketing side can also be challenging. In the past, cannabis brand promotion and advertising have fallen under strict rules, especially when it comes to social media platforms.

However, that’s changing. Julie was excited to share that we’re beginning to see trends of a new era when it comes to cannabis promotion on social platforms — bringing the industry closer to acceptance across various channels in traditional consumer packaging.

This means that Cannabistry Labs is not only able to provide the IP to these exciting products but also the value of adding in-house regulatory quality analysis as well as branding and marketing. As a result, they’re able to build state-specific packaging, advertising and promotional material, then turn it over to licensees who can successfully run with it and adjust for state-specific needs and markets.

It’s a much-needed business approach in a modern cannabis industry – one with a strong foundation and track record of experience and success that’s gone through the checks and balances of bringing a product to market.

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