2 Partners Winning in Cannabis Research

Consumer cannabis research is finally gaining momentum. In this podcast, we talk with Dr. Jeff Chen & Angie Tebbe about their partnership in CBD research.

Consumer cannabis research is finally gaining momentum. In this podcast, we talk with Dr. Jeff Chen & Angie Tebbe about their partnership in CBD research.

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Validation of natural health products is taking place for the first time in history. Radicle Science is reinventing the norm in pharmaceutical and academic research models, providing stringent health outcome data at a fraction of the time and cost.

Female-led supplement brand Rae Wellness has partnered with them to prove the science behind CBD, focusing on women’s health. Both companies see the benefit of more comprehensive and data derived from this virtual, direct-to-consumer approach to cannabis research.

Dr. Jeff Chen is the CEO and Co-Founder of Radicle Science. He was the Founder and former Director of the UCLA Cannabis Research Initiative and has an expansive range of experience as a board member, investor, and advisor to companies, venture firms, and not-for-profits.

Dr. Chen is a member of several communities such as TED, Summit Series, and Nexus and has been featured in Rolling Stone, WSJ, CNN, and VICE, just to name a few.

Angie Tebbe is the Co-Founder and CEO of Rae Wellness. Tebbe’s holistic upbringing is at the root of a life mission into well-being. She left a successful corporate career to launch a values-led company that champions innovation in wellness, and she is driven by the vision to make well-being attainable for all.

Radicle Science’s radical approach to cannabis research

Dr. Chen is nothing short of passionate about his work in cannabis, his enthusiasm and energy is abundant, and it’s attracting like minds. He has redrawn the horizon, developing a method of product research that is not only more inclusive but far more cost-effective.

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Driven by the frustration of the many restrictions in place due to acceptance of federal funding when studying cannabis at University and other facilities, Jeff partnered up with tech CEO and impact entrepreneur Pelin Thorogood, and health tech company Radicle Science was born.

Accepting no government funds, Radicle Science has the unique ability to research commercially available consumer products, currently dedicated and focusing on CBD expanding into THC in the coming year.

Dr. Chen is bypassing the standard model of research that would typically involve a tiny and “homogenous” group of people and the numerous doctors, offices, and data entry workers required to facilitate such a study.

Instead, using a virtual system that encourages a broader testing base, they can get a much better picture of personal differences in effect. Ever wonder why one medicine works for someone else better than it may for yourself? These individual and personal differences, gender, race, and many other genetic factors come into play but aren’t usually represented in the typical research or focus group.

Cannabis Research surpassing the “Of Mice and Men” mentality

Discovering valuable information on personal differences will be a game-changer for Rae Wellness, diving in with their new line of CBD products designed for women.

Realizing that women are not extensively represented within research groups, Angie says the more inclusive data resulting from their partnership with Radicle Science has already provided them with phenomenal results. Saying also “there are more upcoming steps” to continue the change in testing from that traditional and not-so-diverse “mice and men approach.”

When considering the expanded cannabis research metrics, specific efficacies can be defined, dosing and form factors can be recommended, and product claims will become statements. In this user-friendly research, testing products are sent directly to patients.

Their detailed reporting is performed online (on an app / via text message) from home or anywhere, which can ease participant anxiety, gain more accurate responses, and eliminate a great deal of cost. The implications are pretty remarkable as one could easily see this become a movement for the entire health space, which could use an overhaul from antiquated practices.

Tune in to the podcast to hear Dr. Jeff Chen and Angie Tebbe further discuss the groundbreaking potential this new cannabis research method has, what it means for product claim validation, and where Radicle Science and Rae Wellness are heading in the future.

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