Changing How the World Grows

by | Apr 15, 2019

Written by Tiffaney Conner

Consider the future with portable food and hemp growing containers. The option for growing fresh fruit, vegetables or hemp on demand in a customizable container anywhere in the world is possible. Self-contained agricultural units powered by energy from the wind and sun are revolutionizing the way crops are grown. BioGen AG Systems developed a portable growing platform transforming and revolutionizing the hemp industry. What originated as a brilliant, organic plan by Chad Schofield to help farmers and ranchers in emergencies feed their cattle have become a way to feed any grass eating animal healthier and more affordable feed.  This technology was recently discovered and sought out by the rapidly growing hemp industry.

Since the passage of the hemp Farm Bill, companies producing CBD products have seemed to appear everywhere. From chain pharmacies like CVS and Walgreens to natural fare companies like Whole Foods expressing interest in the hemp industry, innovative and environmentally sustaining ideas like this one are rapidly exploding in farming and ranching communities. BioGen AG Systems caught the attention of the hemp industry due to the consistent and sustainable hydroponic technology method it offers in growing crops. The Portable Feeding Platform, or PFP, is a self-contained unit with an internal bioreactor housed in shipping containers or trailers, which has been wholly repurposed and reutilized.

The PFP successfully solves a significant problem that many farmers and ranchers both consistently and relentlessly face in competing with the elements. Consider the freedom of growing crops in a contained environment despite the weather, natural disasters, insects and contaminants. The daily output also creates zero waste. Depending on the need for the client, containers are customizable and come with the support of an engineer for novices. The smallest PFP container produces up to 100 to 125 pounds of food per day and the largest producing up to 4,000 pounds per day. The PFP containers are environmentally friendly and use 95% less water than traditionally grown crops. They can be designed solar- or wind-powered or for off-grid use expanding the limitless possibilities for them.

Upon selling a successful East Coast tech company, Schofield moved to Kansas City, Missouri to start BioGen AG Systems. What began as a clever hydroponic system designed by Schofield to feed his AG animals became extremely conducive for also growing fruits and vegetables. The original intent of the PFP was to grow forage systems in a clean and organic environment working to produce food for anything eating grass. Starting with the primary crop of barley there are about 30 other kinds of sprouting grasses which can be grown in the PFP. “The potential is much greater, as these units can grow everything from fruit and vegetables to hemp,” Schofield says.

Hemp is one of the major crops, and it is rapidly gaining popularity all around the world. The healing properties that hemp and CBD oil produce are being used introduced into every existing and potential industry and there show no signs of slowing down or stopping.

BioGen AG Systems is producing laboratory quality hemp. While hemp can be grown and harvested for fiber or oil, currently BioGen AG Systems processes are intended for pure oil extracts. The quality and purity of the grow operation in a self-contained environment is entirely organic and pure. Without exposure to bugs or pesticides, this is a completely clean and safe growing environment. The only downside would be the lack of wind, which strengthens the roots in a natural environment. However, a significant benefit would be the focus of all the energy from the hydroponic system put back into producing stronger buds, as these systems do.

As the United States and the rest of the market struggle to find rules and regulations being standardized in the market, BioGen AG Systems has delivered a unique method of growing hemp and food in PFP containers in any environment anywhere in the world. Each growth cycle is anywhere from 90 to 100 days as indoor growing is able to skip a whole phase of development, giving farmers up to 4 harvests a year. This option is much more applicable to any situation worldwide. It also brings the possibility for food and hemp indoors eliminating many competing factors it faced in growing. Plants grown in the PFP containers have shown higher production of extraction and larger produce.

BioGen AG Systems hires and supports veterans who greatly benefit from the properties of CBD and is also aligned with the nonprofit War Horses for Veterans. Schofield started with a dream of helping save Americas Agricultural Lifestyle, but it has blossomed into providing the whole world access to self-contained growing containers where every community can work and eat together, thrive and function successfully.