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What is Helpful about CO2 Enrichment?

CO2 enrichment is the process of increasing the amount of carbon dioxide to a level higher than what is normally in fresh air.

Higher levels of CO2 than normal in air can be caused by human or animal respiration in an enclosed area, by natural off-gassing of CO2 from the ground, or by combustion or compressed CO2 gas.

What makes CO2 enrichment unique is that it is purposely done by indoor growers or in greenhouses to increase plant growth, and flowering and to speed the time to harvest.

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Intelligent Automation for Consistent Cannabis

Intelligent automation for consistent cannabis may be an answer to maintaining consistent quality for large commercial grows and meeting the growing demand of the cannabis market. While the joy and art of ‘hand-raising’ a single household cannabis plant will always be cherished, commercial cannabis producers can benefit from taking advantage of advanced agricultural technologies.

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Effective Strategies for Precision Indoor Cannabis Grows

There’s nothing a cannabis cultivator enjoys more than harvesting the dense, fragrant buds at the end of a successful grow. However, getting there takes a touch of finesse, as well as an understanding of basic plant biology. Getting the early parts of the growing process right is essential to reaping a dream yield.

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