Weedgets Maze-X Cannabis Pipe with Filter: A Healthy Way to Smoke Weed

Written by Kristina Etter

February 9, 2024

Weedgets is the solution that seasoned cannabis smokers crave – a cool smoke weed pipe that provides a traditional smoking experience with a filter for weed that provides a safer, healthier way to smoke.

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The Highlights

  • Price: $99.00 (Use Code CANNABISTECH15 for 15% off!)
  • Key features: Cool, Filtered Smoking Experience
  • What we liked: Traditional smoking experience, high-quality materials, safety-conscious design
  • What we didn’t like: Carb placement,
  • Where to Buy: Weedgets

We thoroughly enjoyed our opportunity to review the Weedgets Maze-X and want to thank the company for sending us a Maze-X to try.

Weedgets Maze-X cannabis pipe with filter review

Why Design a Cannabis Pipe with Filters?

We know inhaling smoke can be damaging to our mouth, esophagus, and lungs – regardless of whether it’s cannabis, tobacco, or anything else. Hot temperatures and burning embers can even cause burns and irritations.

Yet, like cigarettes, often people overlook the detriments for the benefits. So as the inventor of Maze pipes agrees, “If we can’t stop them, we can at least try to protect them.”

Michael Barenboym, Weedgets Founder & Inventor, is no hypocrite. So when he realized his kids were smoking weed, he knew, as a smoker himself, he couldn’t tell them not to. Instead, as a medical engineer with decades of designing medical devices, he began looking for ways to make it safer.

And when it comes to offering a safer way to smoke cannabis, that’s one goal the team at Weedgets takes seriously.

Key Features

Medical-Grade Materials

The MAZE-X Pipe boasts a detachable borosilicate glass bowl of substantial size. Other parts of the pipe are crafted from medical-grade silicone, which surpasses the quality of standard food-grade silicone commonly utilized in culinary applications, these materials help ensure superior heat resistance and inert properties.

Swappable Mouthpiece

After 2020, most of us think twice before swapping spit with strangers. Sharing a joint or a bowl comes with a certain acceptance of risk these days. With the Maze-X, everyone can have their own! The silicon mouthpiece for the Maze-X pipe also fits most joints, blunts, and even, cigarettes, so you can use it (and the filters) no matter how you prefer to smoke.

Maze-X cannabis pipe with filter

Easy-Swap Glass Bowls

The bowl is deep and easy to swap out. Buy several replacement bowls and use them like quick-load bowls filled with your favorite flower for quick and easy changes on the go.

Optional Accessories

While the pipe itself is already loaded with features, there are a couple of optional accessories Weedgets offers that take this pipe up another notch.

  • Sili-Scoop: This is the tool you’ve been missing your whole life! Easily scoop your ground material into the bowl, use the other side to tamp it down, and never touch your flower. And get this… it fits on the end of your Bic!
  • Weed Filters: the carbon weed filters are optional, but for the added layer of filtration, they are an inexpensive accessory that offers consumers a little extra reassurance.
cannabis pipe with filter, filters, joint filters


Smoke Draw & Flavor

Engineered for gentle, brief inhalations, it delivers airy, and exceptionally smooth draws, effectively filtering smoke for an enhanced experience. In other words, it not only cools the smoke for safety and comfort, but the filtration offers the full-flavor of your flower.

As a smoker for more than 3 decades, I like the act of smoking. I prefer the taste, aroma, and effect of combusted flower. I’ve tried nearly every dry flower vaporizer on the market, and while many of them deliver a great experience – nothing compares to sparking a bowl.


However, I’m also acutely aware of my health. I know that inhaling smoke isn’t the best practice for my lungs. With the Weedgets Maze-X and carbon weed filters, I feel like I’m taking an extra step to reduce the toxins I’m inhaling.

The Maze-X Pipe delivers multiple layers of protection for cannabis smokers’ lungs. The elongated design and maze-like interior airflow concept, patented by the US Patent Office, reduces the temperature of the smoke and prevents hot resin and burning embers from reaching the mouthpiece.

Then, add the additional nano-crystal activated carbon filters and consumers gain an added level of protection for their lungs. These weed filters are specially designed to deliver better filtration using what’s called “nanocrystalline absorption.”

cannabis pipe with filter, weedgets Maze-X Review, carbon filters for smoking

In simple terms, the nanocrystalline absorption principle works similarly to how bamboo charcoal and activated carbon absorb odors. Nanocrystalline minerals have tiny pores that are so small they’re measured in nanometers. The pores trap molecules of harmful gases and odors, like formaldehyde and others. When these molecules come near the nanocrystals, they get stuck in the tiny pores and can’t escape.


Another critical question in the mind of any cannabis smoker is, “How easy is it to clean?”

The Maze-X design takes the full experience into consideration – the pipe is super easy to disassemble and clean using isopropyl alcohol.

Competitive Analysis

While the Weedgets pipes certainly aren’t the cheapest pipe on the market, they come with a benefit many other devices can’t provide: peace of mind.

Although silicone isn’t exactly a luxurious material – it is a safe material that is completely inert and safe for the consumer.

Additionally, I also love the ability to use the mouthpiece on anything. So if someone in the room lights up a cone, I can just pull the mouthpiece off, and use it with the cone for better filtration and safer smoke – no matter who brought the weed!

FeatureWeedgets Maze-XWeedgets MazeGenius Pipes
MaterialBorosilicate glassBorosilicate glassAircraft-grade aluminum, Stainless steel
DesignMaze-like structureMaze-like structurePatented dimple design
FiltrationEnhanced cooling and filteringCooling maze designCooling dimple design
PortabilityModerateModerateCompact and portable
Ease of cleaningEasy to disassemble and cleanEasy to disassemble and cleanEasy to disassemble and clean
CompatibilityCompatible with dry herbCompatible with dry herbCompatible with dry herb & concentrates
WarrantyLimited warrantyLimited warrantyLimited warranty

Cannabis Tech Staff Perspectives

Frankly, this is the upgrade I’ve been looking for in a smoking device. A cannabis pipe with filter I love the fact that the mouthpieces and filters fit whatever smoking method you prefer. The draw is smooth, the flavor is full, and it’s really not any different from smoking from any other pipe.

I’ve been using the Maze-X and Weedgets filters religiously since I received them, and without a doubt, the Maze-X is a great device. It really had just one flaw that I could find – you can’t feel the carb – because the silicon around the bowl has a honeycomb pattern.

Also, if you’re using the Weedgets cannabis pipe with filters, you want to swap out filters often. Speaking from experience, if you use them more than a couple of times, they can fill up with resin and you’ll end up with resin-flavored lip gloss – not a good time. Fortunately, they’re cheap, so you don’t have to feel guilty about using a new one!

Plus, if you love good a “dog-walker,” then you’ll love these bridges – they elongate the joint making them easier to light, and with the filter, you get a little reassurance that you have an extra layer of protection for your lungs. (For the record, the Weedgets metal doob tube comfortably holds 1 – king size cone, or 2 shorties -one at the bottom, and one in the filter.)

cannabis pipe with filter, weedgets doob tube, joint filters
Try out some of Blazy Susan’s perfect Pink Papers, and smoke in style!

Cannabis Tech Weedgets Maze-X Cannabis Pipe with Filter Review

What We Liked:

  • Smooth draw
  • Familiar form factor
  • Peace of mind
  • Filter interchangeability (pipes, joints, etc.)
  • Design and Comfort
  • Ease of Use
  • Flavor and Experience
  • Overall Functionality
cannabis pipe with filter
E1011 iven dry herb vaporizer
cannabis pipe with filter

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Carb placement