Butter Brewer Review: Bringing Quality to Quantity in DIY Infusions

Written by Kristina Etter

May 10, 2024

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Homemade infusions are all the rage. As cannabis, particularly growing and consuming cannabis, becomes more socially acceptable, more and more home cooks and budding chefs are trying their hand at infused foods.

However, as someone who’s been creating cannabis concoctions in the kitchen for years, it can be a complex process. Learning the nuances of decarboxylation, temperature for infusion, and the importance of distribution can be arduous.

Thankfully, with legalization, we are seeing a rise in kitchen appliances to make DIY cannabis infusions easier.

The Highlights

  • Price: $269 (15% Discount – Use code: CannabisTech)
  • Dimensions: 18x14x10
  • Key features: It comes with everything you need, including a spatula and straining bag. It also has an optional stainless steel insert.
  • What we liked: Versatility and simplicity – the large capacity makes it easy to infuse anything.
  • What we didn’t like: Its large size is comparable to a crock pot. It’s not ideal for space-saving, but its size also allows for a large capacity for infusions, so it’s an acceptable compromise.
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Butter Brewer: For the Creative Cannabis Cook

The Butter Brewer is a sort of high-tech crockpot for the herbal-infusions enthusiast. Let’s be clear, you can use the Butter Brewer to create all types of infusions. So, whether you’re using oregano and rosemary or cannabis, this device is as versatile as it comes.

The range of settings on the Butter Brewer offers settings for decarboxylating dry flower as well as setting the perfect temperature for infusions of all varieties – butters and oils are only the beginning. The simple functionality of the Butter Brewer allows the user to use their imagination to infuse milk or cream, make simple syrups, and even infuse bacon grease!

I’ve been giving this device a thorough test over the last couple of months, and I’ve been thoroughly impressed with the wide-range of infusions that you can make with the Butter Brewer. Stay tuned, because I’ll be sharing recipes from the High Times Mocktail Recipes to showcase the incredible versatility of this appliance.

But first, let’s take a look at what separates this device from the others on the market.

butter brewer

Key Features

HUGE 4-Quart Capacity

One of the biggest (forgive the pun) features of the Butter Brewer that separates it from the others is its massive capacity for infusions. The non-stick insert has a total capacity of one gallon, but has no minimum fill, so whether you’re infusing a stick of butter, a pint of cream, or a gallon of milk, the Butter Brewer can handle the job.

Easy Functionality

If you can run an air fryer, you can run the Butter Brewer. No app connectivity required, no wifi needed, and no smartphone necessary. The device settings control four simple variables: temperature, total infusion time, mix interval, and mix duration.

butter brewer machine settings

The Butter Brewer also has presets for butter, oil, and tincture infusion based on recommended settings. Presets like these take the guesswork out of infusions, and provide a baseline for adjusting the settings to suit your preferences.

Range of Temperature Settings

One of the most critical aspects of infusion is temperature. Whether you’re decarbing raw flower for THC conversion or you’re doing low and slow infusions for acidic cannabinoid and terpene preservation, the Butter Brewer allows you adjust your recipes to suit your needs with temperatures ranging from 90 degrees to 300 – the broadest range of temperature settings of any device on the market.


I always appreciate it when a device is shipped with all the necessary accessories so you can get rolling right after unboxing, and the Butter Brewer didn’t disappoint. It ships with a straining bag and a silicon spatula.

Additionally, Hydropolis offers an optional stainless steel insert for those who prefer that over the standard insert’s non-stick surface.

butter brewer


Simple Interface

Despite the wide range of settings, the Butter Brewer has a simple “set it and forget it” type approach to cannabis infusions. Because you’re able to set the mixing interval and duration, once you start the infusion, you can walk away and let the machine do all the work. The automatic stirring ensures that there’s no scorching and your materials are evenly distributed.

Plus, without needing a smartphone or any other gadgets, it’s as simple as they come.

Minimal Odor

Look… it’s weed; it’s going to have an aroma. If it doesn’t, you’re doing it wrong. Terpene-rich cannabis is going to have a smell when you heat it; there’s simply no way to avoid it. However, devices like the Butter Brewer help to contain the odors enough to keep your neighbors from complaining.

Supremely Easy to Clean

There’s nothing more disappointing than getting a new device and realizing it’s a pain to clean. Fortunately, there are no worries when you’re using the Butter Brewer. The inserts clean up no different than any other pan in your house.

Competitive Analysis

A quick glance at the competition reveals that Butter Brewer is a versatile device offering the broadest range of temperature settings, the longest allowable cycle time, and the largest capacity.

AT just $299 for the entire kit-n-kaboodle, it’s also one of the most affordable systems, too.

FeaturesLevo Oil InfuserMagic ButterButter Brewer
Infusion CapacityUp to 16 oz2-5 cupsUp to 4 quarts
Infusion TimeAdjustable (up to 10 hours)Fixed (up to 8 hours)Adjustable (up to 48 hours)
Temperature Range85 – 200130-22090 – 300
Preset ProgramsYesYesYes
VersatilityInfuses oils, butters, and moreInfuses oils, butters, and moreInfuses oil, butters, tinctures and more
Additional FunctionsNoneMakes soups, sauces, and moreInfuses any fats, oils, and alcohols.
Ease of CleaningEasyEasySupremely Easy
SizeCompactCompactCrock-Pot Size
PriceUp to $500$225 to $400 bundles$299 for everything

Cannabis Tech Butter Brewer Review

What We Liked:

  • Unlimited Versatility
  • Simple Controls/Settings
  • Massive Capacity
  • Temperature Range
  • Ease of Use
  • Capacity
  • Overall Impression
butter brewer
butter brewer green butter
E1011 iven dry herb vaporizer

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Large Countertop Footprint

*Note: Due to the large capacity, the appliance must be larger than other similar devices. The footprint does not distract from the device’s functionality.