Built upon patented thermal management technologies, VYPR 3x & DUO 3×2 features market leading efficacies up to 3.8 μmol/J, enabling the replacement of HPS lights with significant energy savings.

Compared to VYPR 3p, at the same mounting height, VYPR DUO 3×2 Remote Mount can distribute the same amount of light to a much larger grow area. It provides a cost-effective solution for grow environments with constrained ceiling heights, such as indoor or low greenhouses.

Compared to VYPR 3p, VYPR DUO 3×2 Cradle Mount emits the same amount of light but at half of VYPR 3p’s fixture length.

This allows the installation of many more fixtures on a single truss, drastically increasing the available light per truss for high PPFD applications.

Now featuring six spectra, VYPR 3p offers high fixture PPF up to 2330 µmol/s and high efficacy up to 3.8 µmol/s, enabling the direct replacement of a 1000W HPS fixture at more than 40% energy savings.

The optional reflector kit provides a wider light pattern and uniform PPFD at plant canopy.

VYPR Top Light

The New VYPR 3x and VYPR DUO 3x2

The VYPR 3x and 3x2 delivers high light output and consistent uniformity with market leading efficacies up to 3.7 μmol/J, while offering growers with low mounting heights a solution for year-round crop production.

With a compact form factor, flexible mounting options and six spectra offerings to choose from, the VYPR 3x series offers design flexibility to growers who previously were unable to install supplemental lighting.

The modular system can be configured as a single fixture (3x) or in a duo configuration (3x2). With the new hanging hardware options, the duo configuration can be remote and cradle mounted.

Control the seasons year-round with VYPR top light series. Featuring Six PhysioSpec™️ spectra from broad white to high red, the VYPR top light series offers growers with the choice of spectrum, helping maximize crop growth in greenhouse and indoor settings while balancing with energy efficiency and human work environment. Expect high quality, reliable crop yields and sustainable control over your result.

Sold By: American Cannabis Company