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V4 Enclosed Buchner Funnel

Our EV-MASS Enclosed Buchner Funnel meets the growing demands of the cannabis market.
Its closed-loop, sanitary design will accommodate your budget, while meeting the requirements
of EU-GMP. Closed-loop filtration at the flip of a switch.
Large filtration surface area and easy clean-ability are two examples of how the EV-MASS
Enclosed Buchner can improve your facility’s processing efficiency.
Your option of 58L (15.5 gal) stainless steel kegs or 10L (2.6 gal) vacuum-rated glass bottles
ensure no pouring is required, freeing up labor and avoiding costly spills. Precut nylon filter
papers are available in 10, 5, and 1 micron to perform effective removal of fats, waxes and lipids
from any form of extract. Equipment rated for solvents like ethanol, isopropyl, pentane and

Sold By: Cannabis Tech