Twister T2 & Trim Saver Combo Package


The Twister T2 & Trim Saver Combo package is the perfect solution for you. Designed to reduce production time significantly, this trimmer offers fast and precise trimming, allowing you to increase your output efficiently. Time is precious, and you deserve the best method to boost productivity.

Thanks to its 11 StaySharp self-sharpening blades, the Twister T2 Trimmer can provide an impressive 19,250 cuts per minute. Imagine completing a 20-minute job in just 30 seconds! Plus, you can load up without any worries, as this trimmer can handle up to 11 pounds of dry buds or 35 pounds of wet buds per hour.

Precision is never compromised with the Twister T2 Trimmer. Its QuickClick technology allows the blades to adjust at an incredible precision of 0.0009 mm per click. Safety is also a top priority, as the trimmer is built with stainless steel and food-grade materials and equipped with safety sensors and emergency stop mechanisms.

Say goodbye to the hassle of switching between wet and dry buds. The Twister T2 Trimmer includes new tumblers specifically designed for both types, making your trimming process seamless. Cleaning is a breeze too, as this trimmer can be easily disassembled for quick clean-up. Additionally, its watertight motors and electrical systems allow for high-pressure washdowns.

Sold By: Trimleaf