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Triminator XL Dry Bud Trimming Machine


Triminator XL Dry Bud Trimming Machine

The Triminator XL is your big game trimmer that won’t let you down.

Using an industry-standard dry drum with a 44.5-inch cutting surface, the Triminator XL can handle 60 pounds of dry buds in an hour.

Using its proprietary optimized speed, the Triminator XL preserves the quality of your buds, while maximizing outputs. Trims are precise thanks to the angular shear band geometry on the Triminator XL.

Using its Closed Loop System, the Triminator XL captures trims without using fans that can damage them.

Use the timer of the Triminator XL so you can automate your process. The XL finished the job while you focus on other things.

The Triminator XL does not use lubricants, so trichomes rarely stick to the machine while marinating the purity of your product.

Cleanup is easy with the Triminator XL. Thanks to military-grade materials, you can clean the trimmer with a pressure washer.

A two-year warranty covers the Triminator XL, giving you peace of mind.

Sold By: Trimleaf