The RAPTR Series high-output top light is ideal for 1:1 HPS replacement in controlled environment agriculture. Designed to deliver maximum intensity with industry leading efficacy in a fully sealed fixture. RAPTR is available in two optical distributions and a range of PhysioSpec 

Compatible with all major greenhouse control systems. Pair with Wireless Flex Dimming for maximum versatility and reduced wiring. Versatile design for easier custom mounting in a wide range of applications.

IP66 waterproof rating for easy cleaning, long lasting performance in tough environments, and resistance to fog, disinfectants and crop sprays.Extrusion design limits the build-up of surface dirt and dust on the fixture, enabling easier cleaning.

RAPTR is available in six PhysioSpec™ spectrums to help maximize efficiency, consistency and yield across a broad range of crops from cannabis to vine crops and floriculture. Options include Fluence’s proven PhysioSpec™ BROAD white spectra, balancing energy efficiency with quality of light as well as PhysioSpec™ DUAL spectra for maximum energy efficiency and minimal operating expense. New Broad R9 enables growers to obtain rebates in certain regions requiring 5% Green spectrum in the output.

The RAPTR Top light

The new RAPTR is a robust high-performing top light LED fixture with exceptional durability and a low maintenance, easy to clean design. 

A true 1:1 replacement for high pressure sodium (HPS) fixtures, growers can reap the benefits of reduced energy and operating costs, greater light intensity and more consistency in their grow environment.

Whether growing cannabis, food or ornamental plants, the Fluence RAPTR series helps growers produce the highest quality crops with maximum yields.

1020W High Performance LED - Maximum Output - Maximum Yield Gains800W - Ideal for growers looking to both reduce energy costs and increase light levels.

Improved thermal management provides consistency in the grow environment and reduces VPD fluctuations.

Sold By: American Cannabis Company