The Cultivation Cube™

The Cultivation Cube is a turnkey solution for indoor plant cultivation. Each Cube is an enclosed self-contained
organic cultivation container providing the latest in indoor commercial plant cultivation technology and innovation.

Sold By: American Cannabis Company

Innovative Container Growing System

The Cultivation Cube™ provides an innovative solution for indoor plant cultivation only using best in class industry leading technology. Each Cube is an enclosed, self-contained, organic cultivation container custom-built to meet the specific needs of your operation for years to come.

Insulated wall panels with an antimicrobial finish combined with a high efficiency HVAC system creates an optimized thermal environment with an R18 thermal property value. Each unit is equipped with a dual temperature HVAC unit with remote control and monitoring available from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

The Cultivation Cube™ proprietary growing system was specifically designed to maximize production potential while mitigating risks. In addition, a Cultivation Cube Growing System can be deployed in a much shorter time frame than is possible when designing and constructing a traditional indoor grow room or greenhouse.

Customized Grow Lighting Packages

The grow lighting for each unit is configured for optimized uniformity to create an even dispersion of the grow light spectrum throughout the plant canopy helping to provide consistent yields and quality.

Our container grow systems are offered with HPS, CMH or LED lighting from Revolution Microelectronics, complete with controllers for single or multi-room operations. Regardless of which grow lights you select, our cutting edge lighting fixtures will provide maximum photosynthetic production.

HVAC, Air Flow Management and Control Systems

The sealed room, micro-climate environment allows for complete control of all environmental conditions, including:

  •          Temperature
  •          Humidity
  •          COlevels
  •          Vapor Pressure Deficit
  •          Air Circulation
  •          Irrigation Water Temp & pH

When growing in a sealed room, proper air flow is crucial to achieving the best possible results. The Cultivation Cube™ is offered with two options for air flow movement: wall mounted fans or our proprietary Bottoms uP Air Technology. While wall mounted fans provide good air movement above the plant canopy, our proprietary Bottoms uP Air Technology provides ideal vertical air flow by blowing conditioned air from beneath the stomata through the plant canopy for maximum water vapor transpiration and enhanced pathogen control.

Control systems for the Cultivation Cube™ are provided by TrolMaster and include remote monitoring and control of environmental, irrigation and COlevels. These systems can be customized for control of a single unit or an entire operation, giving the grower an important tool to help manage the success of the grow.

Cultivation Cube™ Benefits

The time it takes to get your product to market is crucial in the cannabis industry, particularly in new markets. New markets are highly competitive and being the first provider of product will give your operation a competitive edge in gaining market traction. The Cultivation Cube™ can beat traditional buildouts to market by six to nine months.

In addition, the Cultivation Cube™ provides the following benefits:

  •          Cost effective to build and operate sustainably
  •          Pre-built for easy production scaling using a “cookie cutter” model
  •          Stackable for optimizing a limited square footage availability
  •          Allows for mitigation of pests, disease and cross contamination
  •          Streamlined processes allows for simple, replicable workflow
  •          Task management is easier and more efficient than traditional grow operations
  •          Units are portable if operation moves to another property/location