Welcome to the REVOLUTIONARY new home grow system — The Armoire!

Unlike large, ugly, smelly grow tents, The Armoire is designed to look like furniture (hence the name) so that it discreetly flies under radar, so to speak.

It’s also sized (25″ x 25″ and 54″ tall) to be small and super light – easy to move, and perfect for small apartments. If you have a small apartment in a big city, you’d never get a large tent in there, but you CAN fit The Armoire — and the quiet operation and lack of smell make it a perfect fit!

The Armoire 60 – Cherry Finish


The Armoire is a complete kit. It not only contains everything you need to be successful (except water, soil and the seed - and we'll even suggest where you can get those!) but ALSO INCLUDES our own PROPRIETARY PROTOCOL.  Indeed, we have our own proprietary process for growing plants in this finely tuned BioChamber.

Sold By: Green Goddess Supply