THC Remediation System by Entexs


Brand New Never Used RMD T200 THC Remediation System by Entexs. This beast of a system is ready to handle up to 200 liters of crude oil per day, giving you unparalleled capacity in your processing. More importantly, it's been specifically designed to ensure the lowest CBD loss rate in the industry, making it a smart choice for businesses aiming to optimize their output. 

Important Note: This amazing new equipment comes with the manufacturer’s warranty and training, which is nearly unheard of in liquidations.  

The system's key features include: 

  • CGMP Certified Ready: Rest assured, this machine is ready to operate under the strictest protocols. 
  • USDA Certified Organic Ready: For organizations conscious about maintaining organic standards. 
  • Modular Scalability Ready: You can count on this system to grow alongside your operation. 
  • Minor Cannabinoid Preservation: Can also remediate Delta 9 from other minor cannabinoids, including Delta 8. 
  • Fully Automated: Reduces labor costs and boosts efficiency. 
  • Low Yield Loss Under 5%: This system beats traditional chromatography hands down when it comes to yield. 

Originally acquired for USD 899,000, this brand-new, untouched system is now available for an irresistible USD 179,800, a staggering 80% off the initial cost, due to immediate liquidation needs. You’re being offered an unparalleled USD 719,200 discount for a pristine, unused system!

For technical specs and photos go to the following Dropbox folder link

Sold By: 420 Firesale