Supercritical Hydrocarbon Extraction System


Firesale #59 is a brand-new Supercritical Hydrocarbon Extraction System at an unbeatable price. This state-of-the-art system is designed for precision, efficiency, and safety, making it an ideal choice for extracting high-quality cannabis products. The system uses supercritical propane, a non-polar solvent that excels in targeting desirable compounds like terpenes and cannabinoids, without the less desirable water-soluble lipids and cellulose typical in CO2 extracts. This means you get a purer, more desirable product, setting your offerings apart in the market.
Key Technical Features:
• Stainless Steel Construction: Durable and long-lasting.
• 5-Liter Extractor: High capacity, operating at 1,000psi and 400F.
• Electric Heating & U Stamp Certification: Ensures safe and efficient operation.
• Dual SS Wire Mesh Baskets: For efficient processing.
• 3-Liter Separator: With a 300psi rating, designed for easy cleaning and collection.
• Labconco 47 Hood Setup: Includes LEL monitor and main electrical controls for safety.
• Rupture Disc for Overpressure Protection: Adds an extra layer of safety.
• Manual Metering Valve: For precise control.
• Air Operated Pump: Haskell MS-21, delivering up to 1,000ml/minute at 1,000psi.
• Full Recycle System: Includes ASME Stamped Accumulator Vessel and external chiller.
This Brand-New Supercritical Hydrocarbon Extraction System represents the cutting edge in extraction technology, specifically designed for supercritical propane/butane use. Its safety features and design ensure that, when operated correctly, it is perfectly safe and highly efficient.
Pricing Details: The liquidation price of this Supercritical Hydrocarbon Extraction System USD 84,900, which is a staggering 50% off the invoiced price, amounting to an $84,000 discount. This is an unparalleled opportunity to upgrade your extraction capabilities at half the cost.
Sold By: 420 Firesale