Supercritical High Pressure CO2 Storage & Supply Systems for Extraction

Supercritical/Subcritical CO2 Extraction

Pressurized carbon dioxide advantages over other solvents commonly used for extraction operations:

• CO2 is residue free. All CO2 gases off when exposed to ambient conditions

• Non flammable and the safest of all methods of extraction

• Heat and pressure kills any micro-organisms that might be left in the plant 

• “Tunable” by varying pressures and temperatures to better control separation

Unique Equipment Solutions for High Pressure CO2

Chart manufactures equipment to supply both high pressure liquid or gaseous CO2 required for extracting operations. The Perma-Max™ 1400 XHP CO2 MicroBulk storage tank is:

• Best suited for smaller extraction operations 

• Can hold up to 1400 lbs of CO2 and designed to be filled on site 

• Operating pressures up to 750 psig and peak flow rate of 2 lbs/sec/nozzle 

• Tank can be used for either liquid or gas use 

• Does not require any on board pumps or compressors 

• No need for high pressure bottle change-outs containing unusable residual product. Tanks can typically be operated without need for a source of power

The Trifecta® Pro CO2 Supply System is also designed to help extractors decrease operational costs and optimize batch processes by:
• Utilizing improved MAWP of 930 psig, providing a continuous flow of high pressure carbon dioxide
• Requiring no down-time while refilling the bulk storage tank, eliminating the need for high maintenance rotating type equipment like pumps and compressors

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