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NugSmasher XP 12 Ton Rosin Press Master Bundle


NugSmasher XP 12 Ton Rosin Press Master Bundle 

The Nugsmasher XP Master Bundle has everything you need to get the ultimate rosin pressing experience. All the essential and necessary accessories are included just like how the pros do it.

1x NugSmasher XP
11x 12-Pack 3.5 Premium Rosin Extraction Bags
1x 3.5 Gram 37 Micron (12-pack)
1x 3.5 Gram 90 Micron (12-pack)
1x 3.5 Gram 120 Micron (12-pack)
1x 3.5 Gram 160 Micron (12-pack)
1x 7 Gram 37 Micron (12-pack)
1x 7 Gram 90 Micron (12-pack)
1x 7 Gram 12 Micron (12-pack)
1x 7 Gram 160 Micron (12-pack)
1x 14 Gram 90 Micron (12-pack)
1x 14 Gram 120 Micron (12-pack)
1x 14 Gram 160 Micron (12-pack)
1x Decarboxylation Capsule
1x Silicone Mat
1x Collection Plate
1x Tool Keeper
2x NugSmasher Magnets
1x Everything Tool
1x Rosin POT

Sold By: Trimleaf