New Delta Cup Ethanol Extraction Package


Never-used Turnkey Delta Separations Extraction Package at an unprecedented price. This state-of-the-art setup is designed to elevate your processing capabilities, allowing you to handle up to 3,600 pounds of raw flower and convert it into high-quality, decarboxylated, winterized crude oil. With its top-of-the-line technology, this package ensures efficiency, reliability, and superior output.
Package Includes:
  • Two (2) Delta Cup 30 Extraction Systems.
  • Two (2) Julabo FP51-5L -51C Degrees Ultra-Low Refrigerated-Heated Circulators.
  • One (1) Delta FFE 60 Falling Film Evaporator.
  • One (1) Cryometrix L-80 Liquid Chiller.
  • One (1) 27 Cu. Ft. -86 Degrees Ultra Low Freezer.
  • One (1) Futurola Mega Shredder.
  • All necessary ancillary equipment.
The liquidation price is USD 309,789, which is 50% off the invoiced price of the equipment, or an incredible USD 309K discount.
Sold By: 420 Firesale