Mother Earth Coco Bale


Full Truckload of Mother Earth Coco Bale (5 kilogram bales)

The Mother Earth Coco Bales are made from 100% natural coco fiber. Each truckload consists of 240 bales, with 20 pallets in total. Mother Earth Coco is made by combining coco pith with longer and shorter fibers to create a unique soil alternative that excels in water retention while maintaining excellent porosity and drainage. Our Coco Bales undergo a thorough washing process, ensuring minimal salt content. Moreover, these highly compressed bales expand to approximately 60 Liters of material. Experience the quality and efficiency of Mother Earth Coco Bale (5 kilogram bales) Full Truckload today!

20 pallets with 4,800 bags on a Full Truckload for $79,999.95

* Most orders will have FREE SHIPPING. Price of shipping can increase depending on shipment location and availability of inventory. Most orders can expect FREE SHIPPING.

** Must have forklift on site, liftgate not available for this program.

Sold By: Planet Earth Garden Supply