The MAZ® is an integrated mixer and a deaerator system designed to perform both mixing and deaeration while simultaneously rotating and revolving the containers. This unique motion eliminates the need for mixing rods, blades and an evacuation device, thus reducing processing times.


  • Ideal for mixing creams, gels, ointments and liquids

  • Includes a vacuum-like feature to help remove air entrapment

  • Ensures homogeneous formulations

  • Operates with redundant safety features

  • Reusable and disposable containers allow for quick and easy clean-up

  • Saves time and money with efficient mixing process

  • Lightweight, bench-top model

  • No mixing rods or blade; reduced risk for cross contamination


The system is most effective for the following materials and processing purposes: (1) High-viscosity liquids that cannot be processed or take a long time to mix or deaerate when a conventional mixer or deaerator is used (2) Uniform mixing/dispersion of materials having a great difference in blending ratios and specific gravity when the liquids are mixed with each other, or when a liquid is mixed with powder/filler (3) Materials that need to be processed with minimal waste and contamination (by foreign matter) because they have high added value and (4) Operation processes in which it is desirable to eliminate steps involving the cleaning of the system and containers.

*Can be fit with one / two cups of 400 g. Includes weight of container and adaptor. It may be reduced depending on character of material and operating condition. Please see technical specifications for usable capacity.

Comes with: Standard Mixing Container (4) / Disposable Liner (10) / Hex Wrench / Power cord / Manual

Sold By: One Supply