Massive Hemp Dryer from Louisville Dryer Company


Brand new, never-used Massive Hemp Dryer from Louisville Dryer Company is a rare chance to get a high-capacity, efficient drying system capable of drying up to 22,620 pounds of biomass per hour at 50% Off.
Equipment Details:
  • Manufacturer: Louisville Dryer Company
  • Material: Hemp or Cannabis
  • Feed Rate: 22,620 LB/HR
  • Feed Moisture: 75.0%
  • Product Moisture: 5%
  • Steam Pressure: 150 PSIG Dry Saturated
  • Steam Consumption: 25,256 LB/HR
  • Exhaust Required: 11,583 ACFM
The liquidation price of the equipment is USD 578,680, which is 50% off the invoiced price of the equipment, or a USD 578K discount.
Important Note: Installation, Commissioning and Training can be purchased from the engineer that designed the system.
Sold By: 420 Firesale