About the Kolice 150L Commercial Refrigerated Pasteurization Machine

  • Voltage: 220V/380V, Frequency: 60HZ, Heating power: 9000W, Cooling power: 1500W, Capacity: 150L
  • Made of food-grade stainless steel 304 material, this machine is built to last. With dimensions of 141x98x142cm (55.51”x38.58”x55.91”), it is securely packed in plywood.
  • Precisely controlled by a microcomputer, this machine ensures accurate temperature regulation. It utilizes water immersion heating tube heating for 360° directional sterilization. The large heating area and high efficiency guarantee excellent heat storage performance.
  • This pasteurization machine features a double-layer design and a cooling function. After heating the milk, you can conveniently use the cooling function to bring it to the desired temperature. The temperature is adjustable within the range of 0-99°C.
  • Suitable for disinfection of various liquids such as fresh milk, juice, beer, sauce, and ice cream mix. It finds wide application in farms, milk bars, pastures, restaurants, and ice cream shops.

Kolice 150L Commercial Refrigerated Pasteurization Machine


The Kolice KR-150L, a 150L commercial refrigerated pasteurization machine, is a suitable option for pasteurizing hemp-infused beverages. Designed for commercial use, it offers features ideal for this purpose. With a large capacity, it can produce batches of hemp-infused drinks efficiently. The precise temperature control settings ensure accurate heating for effective elimination of microorganisms. Its refrigeration system quickly cools the beverage after pasteurization, preventing bacterial growth.

The Kolice 150L Commercial Refrigerated Pasteurization Machine is also equipped with a built-in timer and alarm system, it enables precise and efficient pasteurization, ensuring beverage safety.


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