Industrial Scale Edible Kitchen


Firesale #55 is an Industrial Scale Edible Kitchen made in Germany and England capable of producing and packaging up to 31,600 gummies/ jellies or toffees per hour, or 28,800 hard candies per hour.

Note: This equipment was used for about six months.

Package Includes:

  • Continuous Flow Automated Jelly Kitchen by Hansel Processing of Germany.
  • Depositor by Winkler & Dunnebier of Germany.
  • Washing Machine for Silicone Molds by Mayfo supplied by Winkler & Dunnebier.
  • Two (2) Steam Boilers by Triad.
  • Flow Wrapper Packaging Machine by AmpRose of England.

The liquidation price of the equipment is USD1,968,508, which is 50% Off the invoiced price of the equipment, or an $1.9M discount.

New: This equipment can also be rented through our “Rent with an Option to Buy Program”.

For technical docs, and videos please go to the following Dropbox Folder link:

Sold By: 420 Firesale