Both units share the following attributes:
• Voltage/Phase: 460/3
• Inlet/Outlet Piping: 1-1/2” Flange
• Dimensions and Weight: 120”L x 90”W x 96”H, approx. 3650 lbs
• Additional Features: Redundant designs, continuous duty canned motor type pumps, non-ferrous piping, stainless steel evaporator and tank, powder coated white galvanized steel cabinet, NEMA 12/4 electrical enclosures, and more.
Special Liquidation Pricing:
The liquidation price for these units is USD 183,983, which represents a 50% discount off the original invoiced price of USD 367,966. This translates into a substantial savings of USD 183K.

High-Performance Large Capacity Chillers

Original price was: $367,966.00.Current price is: $183,983.00.

Firesale #64 are two high-performance Large Capacity Chillers by Fluid Chillers Inc. U.S.A., one never used, the other used for only 6-months, was meticulously maintained and is in superb condition.
These chillers are engineered for reliability and efficiency, perfect for environments demanding consistent and precise temperature control. With features designed for both indoor and outdoor setups, they offer flexibility while ensuring operational stability in varied conditions. Here’s a brief overview of what we have on offer:
Key Specifications:
• Chiller #1: AIR50,000-DC-ULT
• Condition: New Never Used
• Capacity: 21.2Kw with -40°C leaving fluid each circuit
• Pump Specs: 40 GPM at 40 PSI
• Rated Load Amps: 79A@460/3, FLA=110A
• Chiller #2: AIR32,000-DC-ULT-2ST-3CP-OUT-LUNT
• Condition: Like new, used only 6-months, small cosmetic dent.
• Capacity: 16Kw with -40°C leaving fluid each circuit
• Pump Specs: 20 GPM at 40 PSI
• Rated Load Amps: 64A@460/3, FLA=90A
Sold By: 420 Firesale