High-End PreRoll-ER Machine


One (1) High-End PreRoll-ER Machine made in the U.S.A., including all necessary ancillary equipment, at 57% off the original price paid by the seller. This machine is in pristine condition, like new, and has been meticulously maintained.
Important Note: Installation, service, and an extended warranty are available through the manufacturer.
Here's what makes the PreRoll-ER Machines stand out:
  • Replace between 12-15 persons per shift with just one machine.
  • Works with ALL TYPES OF CONES from any vendor.
  • Speeds ranging from 700-1300 pre-rolls per hour.
  • High precision of 0.01g before filling for accurate weights.
  • No use of Vibration during transport or feeding of cannabis, ensuring consistent THC percentages.
  • Suitable for pre-rolls ranging from 0.25g to 1.2g.
  • Exit weight checking with reject system for quality control.
  • Selectable number of turns for twisted tip customization.
  • Auto-loading of tubes with 2 boxes storage.
  • Fast and tool-less changeover for increased efficiency.
  • HMI with unlimited recipes for different types and brands of cannabis.
  • One complete set of tooling included.
The liquidation price for this PreRoll-ER Machine package is USD 149,000, which is an incredible 57% discount off the original invoiced price. This means you save a whopping USD 198K.
Sold By: 420 Firesale