Powered by Samsung LM301H

The grow closet combines the best grow lights on the market – Samsung LM301H Full Spectrum Plant Lights – with an enhanced 660nm 3535 high power red LED that is specifically designed to increase photosynthetic efficiency and maximize growth potential.

With top-notch hardware, meticulous design, and intelligent algorithms, your plant grows fast in our grow cabinet – and we mean, lightning-fast! A little guidance ensures it stays in perfect shape.”

With comprehensive in-app tutorials, video guides, and the world’s best grower community, you can become a grow master in just a few months. Our latest survey shows that 68% of Hey abby growers achieve a dry flower yield of 3OZ+ and, impressively, 80% of them are first-time growers.

Hey abby OG Grow System


🌱 Quick Learning Curve: Master the art of growing in just one cycle with Hey abby OG
🌼 High Yields: Achieve up to 8 oz of dry flower. Most first-time growers get between 3-6 oz
🔄 Versatile Compatibility: Perfectly suited for both photo and auto flowers, and works seamlessly with clones and seeds
⏱️ Time Efficient: 80% time-saving compared to traditional grow tents, giving you more freedom
💰 Cost Savings: Save up to 90% in costs compared to buying from dispensaries – an investment that pays for itself
📦 Discreet by Design: Enjoy peace of mind with our discrete packaging and design, ensuring privacy.

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