ESS XT-3 Electrostatic Sprayer

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The ESS XT-3 Electrostatic Sprayer is a self-contained electric sprayer with a 3-gallon tank. Perfect for much larger areas. Offers all the benefits of delivering disinfectant solutions in a small negatively charged particle that covers surfaces evenly in every nook and cranny without over wetting the surfaces. A durable “workhorse ESS sprayer” with a pressurized stainless-steel tank, and twin-line air and liquid hoses.  Up to 50 feet of hose can be added for a maximum length of 75 feet.   Plugs into any standard 110v wall outlet with a 10-foot cord.

Sold By: SafetyNet


The ESS XT-3 Electrostatic Sprayer is a top quality commercial grade machine which is self-contained and produces high output electrically charged droplets to help sanitize your indoor environment.

It comes standard with 25-ft hose and has a 3-gallon tank capacity. It’s compatible with any water-based chemical you prefer to use for the job at hand making it extremely versatile. The ESS XT-3 doesn’t require an external air supply, making it more maneuverable and easier to set up than other machines in the market, and it runs for up to 1.5 hours. Use the XT-3 to apply any water-based chemical or fungicide, whatever the job calls for. The robust 3-gallon tank provides uninterrupted spraying for maximum efficiency.

  • Powder-coated metal cart sprayer; two wheels

  • Referred to as the “work-horse” sprayer

  • One nozzle; electrostatic rechargeable spray wand

  • Spray distance of 8 to 12 feet

  • 3-gallon pressurized stainless-steel tank

  • Self-contained, no external air supply needed

  • Liquid flow rate is 2 gallon per hour

  • Twin-line (air and liquid) hose length of 25 ft standard

  • Optional up to 75 ft. twin-line hose