The ESS TRG is a commercial Sprayer- commonly used for greenhouses, cannabis cultivation facilities, or food processing plants.

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The ESS TRG is a sprayer that depends on an external source of pressurized air. The air passes from the air inlet hose through a filter and follows two different routes from a brass tee. One route goes to the hose reel and through the red air hose of the twinline hose. The other route goes to the tank pressure regulator and then to the tank. When external air supply is running and tank pressure regulator is set at 12-15 psi, the tank is pressurized and continuously agitated to prevent separation and settling of the chemical(s).

From the tank, the pressurized liquid line goes to the hose reel and through the grey hose of the twinline hose. The twinline hose carries both pressurized liquid and air to connect to the spray gun. The liquid combines with the pressurized air and atomizes the chemical mix into 40 micron VMD (Volume Median Diameter) drops. The droplets are then electrostatically charged and sprayed from the nozzle. Due to the electrostatic charge, the droplets are attracted to all plant surfaces in the direction that the handgun points, including the back of leaves and foliage deep within the canopy.

ESS TRG Advantages

  • Includes 1 MaxCharge™ air-assisted electrostatic spraygun, 2 or 3-headed option available
  • More spray distance
  • Mobile cart
  • Utilizes existing “facility compressed air” system
  • Tank agitator assures mixing of all chemicals
  • Oversized, semi-pneumatic tires
  • 5 gallon stainless steel tank
  • Compatible with all conventional, water-based chemicals and fungicides
  • Standard hose length of 150 ft
  • 10-15 ft spray range


Less Chemical Waste- Testing by four major universities comparing ESS with conventional and air-blast sprayers shows 300% better spray penetration and coverage onto hidden areas of dense foliage. The studies also found that only 15-20% of the spray from conventional or air-blast sprayers ends up on the plants, with nearly 60% of the chemical wasted on the ground and less than 3% reaching the underside of the target and other hidden areas.

Quick Payback

Better spray coverage equates to lower chemical consumption and faster investment payback. Most users can reduce costs by 25-50% and still see effective results from their spray program.

Electrostatic Sprayer Demo

What Is Electrostatic Spraying

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