The ESS MBP Mountain Man Sprayer is a self-contained unit and does not require hookup to an external air source.

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The ESS MBP Mountain Man Sprayer is a self-contained unit and does not require hookup to an external air source. Combining the best features of a backpack spraying system with the versatility and convenience of a mobile air supply, the MBP 2.5 /4.0 allows workers to travel faster and further than before. Although it is possible to use the ESS MBP Mountain Man solo, it is much more efficiently used by a two-man team. The ergonomically balanced cart has handles fore and aft; one team member can push and one can pull. The backpack can be prefilled with the chemical mixture and carried along to a remote location as the team moves the cart.


  • Includes one MaxCharge™ air-assisted electrostatic spray gun (2-headed spray guns available)
  • Ergonomically balanced cart is easy to maneuver; handles provided front and back for 2-man team operation
  • Sturdy construction—built to withstand hard use
  • Backpack available in 2.5 and 4 gallon sizes (9.5 and 15.1 L)
  • Standard 100 ft hose, 250 ft optional
  • 6.5 HP Briggs and Stratton gasoline engine provides power for on-board compressor
  • Compatible with all conventional, water-based chemicals and fungicides


Less Chemical Waste- Testing by four major universities comparing ESS with conventional and air-blast sprayers shows 300% better spray penetration and coverage onto hidden areas of dense foliage. The studies also found that only 15-20% of the spray from conventional or air-blast sprayers ends up on the plants, with nearly 60% of the chemical wasted on the ground and less than 3% reaching the underside of the target and other hidden areas.

Quick Payback

Better spray coverage equates to lower chemical consumption and faster investment payback. Most users can reduce costs by 25-50% and still see effective results from their spray program.

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What Is Electrostatic Spraying

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