Dual-Solvent CO2 and Ethanol Extraction System


New Zero Hours of Usage Dual-Solvent CO2 and Ethanol Extraction System with Factory Warranty by one of the World’s Top Manufacturers “Vitalis”. This system can operate with just CO2 or with Dual-Solvents in Sub and Super Modes.

Package Includes:

  • Q90 Extractor System, Q-Series, Automated, Dual 45 EV.
  • Co-Solvent Injection System, Q/R GEN 1.0.

Important Note: Installation, Commissioning and Training can be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

The price of the equipment is USD312,000, which is 50% off the invoiced price the seller paid, or a $312K Discount.

For original invoice and technical docs click on the following Dropbox folder link:



Sold By: 420 Firesale