Dr. Dabber Stella – Seriously Discrete


The Deconstructed Stella™ Bundle comes with everything you need to make a complete Dr. Dabber Stella™ unit. Battery, atomizer, glass mouthpiece, and charger are all included in this highly discounted bundle. Just add dabs!

  • MATERIALS: Concentrate (510 threaded cartridges are not compatible with the Stella™ battery)

  • TEMPERATURE RANGE: 4 Temperature settings including a preheat/session mode - 460-775° F

  • HEAT UP TIME: 5 seconds

  • HITS PER CHARGE: Up to 40 heating cycles on a single charge

  • CHARGE TIME: 1 hour for a full charge

  • CHARGE CABLE: USB-C pass-though charging

  • WARRANTY: We offer a 1 year warranty on the Stella™ battery, charger, and electrical components

  • DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT: Height 5", Diameter 0.65", Weight 2.5 oz

Sold By: Dr. Dabber