Behemoth Hydrocarbon Extractor


Introducing Firesale #61! The Behemoth Hydrocarbon Extractor, renowned for its exceptional throughput of over 30 liters a day while delivering top-notch terpene-rich extracts. This equipment, meticulously maintained and in like-new condition, showcases advanced technical features and robust performance. It comes complete with all necessary ancillary equipment. The liquidation price for the remarkable Behemoth Hydrocarbon Extractor unit is USD 239,704, representing a jaw-dropping 50% reduction from its original invoiced price and a staggering $239k discount. This offer is more than just a sale; it's an investment in efficiency and quality for your operations. Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Key Features:  

  • TEN - 6”x 48" material columns  
  • 2 – 6” x 48" filtration/crash/multi-use columns  
  • TWO GD-1 Wiped Film Evaporators  
  • Corken Process Recovery Compressor and a condensing chiller 
  • 80 C Huber Chiller 
  • All stainless steel design for cGMP compliance  
  • LPG-rated valves, Explosion-proof scale  
  • Nylon biomass inserts  
  • Includes supply tank w/ condenser, Tube-in-shell heat exchanger, and more  
Sold By: 420 Firesale