Beginner Grow Tent Kit Spider Farmer LED 2’ x 4’

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The Beginner Grow Tent Kit Spider Farmer LED 2' x 4' includes everything you need to start indoor gardening. The kit contains the Spider Farmer SF 2000 LED grow light and the AC Infinity CLOUDLAB 2’ x 4’ grow tent.

The CLOUDLAB tent features an all-in-one air filtration system and comes with a powerful and quiet CLOUDLINE Series fan, carbon filter, ducting, clamps, prefilter cloth, and hanging straps. The CONTROLLER 69 PRO optimizes temperature and humidity, adjusts fan speed, and supports timer, cycle, and schedule modes.

The kit includes the High Times award-winning Sohum Living Soil, Gaia Green Power Bloom, and a 12qt bag of Coast of Maine's Sprout Island - Organic Seed-Starter Blend for growing medium and nutrients. The CLOUDLAB tent can accommodate four medium-sized plants and includes fabric pots and plastic saucers.

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